Did Nickelodeon’s Drake Bell Really Change His Name to Drake Campana?

Drake Bell is known for the years of humorous content he brought to Nickelodeon. He went inside Amanda’s show as well as Drake & Josh, and has gone on to write plenty of successful music. Unfortunately, Bell’s personal life has been on full display through 2020. And many have questions about the name.

Bell changed all his social media to present himself as Drake Campana. So, did he get a name change? Here is what we know.

Drake Bell Nickelodeon apparently changed its name to Drake Campana

Millennials across America are certainly familiar with Bell’s work over the years. But it also seems to have a bad following in Latin America. Draw attention Bell notes played at the Mexican Telehit in 2019, which is similar to the MTV Music Awards. His performance seemed very appealing to the audience. Since then, he has gone for a full transfer of identity. While everyone knew his last name as Bell, it looks like he now goes with Drake Campana.

Back in November 2019, it looks like Bell tried to confirm a name change on his social media. He posted a picture to Instagram showing him with an ID card. The picture is on the ID of itself, and the name says “Drake Campana.” The card includes his date of birth, the address of Mexico which is considered his home, and his date of registration.

Bell also introduced “Campana” as a last name on social media. Its part Twitter It’s called “Drake Campana” and it has a Mexican flag next to it. His Instagram also mentions his name as “Drake Campana.”

He has been posting to social media entirely in Spanish and said he is the CEO of Taco Bell

Not only did Bell submit evidence of a name change, but he also told Twitter followers that he was only going to post in Spanish. Back in November 2019, he tweet, “Mis redes sociales ahora solo estarán en español, no más inglés.” According to Distractify, this translates simply as, “my social media will only be in Spanish, not English.”

Months before he told his fans he would only tweet in Spanish, it looks like Bell was also claiming to be the CEO of Taco Bell.

“As CEO of @tacobell I have added one of my songs to the sauce package !! ”E tweet in August 2019. “’Makes Me Happy’ will now be featured on our (MILD) sauce! @TacoBellNews. He also recorded himself on Twitter as CEO of Taco Bell.

Did Bell really change his name?

Drake Bell will be attending the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards
Drake Bell attends the 2019 iHeartRadio | Music Awards Jeff Kravitz / 2019 iHeartMedia

So, did Bell legally change his last name? It’s hard to say. While many are just noticing Bell’s accusatory name change now, it seems to have merged with Campana as his last name since November 2019. And it seems to be his Latin American fanbase thrives.

As for how Bell travels in the US, he received a lot of negative attention because of his ex-girlfriend claiming he was infamous through TikTok. “It wasn’t until about a year ago that the verbal abuse began,” said Melissa Lingafelt, her grandfather. “And when I say verbal abuse, think about the kind of verbal abuse you could have ever imagined and that’s what I got. ”Lingafelt said the abuse turned physical.

Bell has denied Lingafelt’s claims, and it is unclear if he is currently going. He seems to be focusing on his new identity and music, so we have to see where he takes it.

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