Did Justin Duggar of ‘Counting On’ Have the Shortest Duggar Family Courtship?

From the outside, it looks like an emotional romance. Justin Duggar à Counting on and his girlfriend Claire Spivey announced their engagement on November 16, just under two months after they revealed they were courting the final season of his family’s TLC reality show. That’s a fairly quick journey from courtship to wedding planning, even for Duggar. But Claire and Justin seem to have been dating for over a year. Although they did not have the longest Duggar family courtship, they did not have the shortest courtship either.

Claire Spivey says she and Justin Duggar have been dating for 14 months

While Duggar’s recent courtship has been very short-lived, that has not always been the case. Josh Duggar, the first child Duggar he married, held out to his future wife Anne for two years starting in 2006 before proposing marriage. That is the longest known Duggar courtship.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald also courted for nearly a year before becoming involved. They married in 2014. But before Jill Duggar became involved with Derick Dillard, courtship was getting shorter. The couple began courting in November 2013 and by February 2014, Derick had applied for permission for Jill Jim’s father Bob Duggar to marry his daughter. They married in March and got married in June.

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