Did Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe Ever Have a One-Night Stand?

Two of the world’s most famous figures, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, are popular 20th century sexual symbols. Presley was hailed as the “King of Rock and Roll” by many fans. Marilyn was an actress and model with a distinctive look that is still recognizable to this day. They were both in the entertainment industry at the same time, but were those two celebrities ever romantically engaged in a one-night stand?

Were Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe romantically involved?

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley | RB / Redferns

A question for centuries is: Have Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe ever been romantically involved? Just a simple Google search will tell you that it’s a question that fans of both images have been thinking about for decades. According to Presley’s agent at the time, Byron Raphael, Presley and Monroe spent a night together in a hotel room.

Raphael spoke to the New York Daily Post and revealed the details. He apparently decided to keep quiet about the whole thing because Monroe, originally Norma Jeane Mortenson, was married to Arthur Miller at the time.

The William Morris Group, which represented Elvis, wanted to bring the two celebrities together for a publicity stunt, according to Raphael [via Daily Mail]. However, Monroe did not feel that way, and it declined in 1956.

The former Presley producer says the two celebrities had a one-night stand

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe | Alfred Eisenstaedt / Pix Inc./ LIFE Photo Collection via Getty Images

However, that first attempt did not stop Presley from pursuing him any longer despite the embarrassment it caused him, and he finally got his wish. “But Presley did not give up and arranged a meeting in secret,” Raphael told the publication.

Just a few weeks later, Presley and Monroe would meet at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. According to his former representative, Monroe was instructed to get and take her to his hotel room.

“Two weeks later, Elvis called me and said‘ I want you to pick up Marilyn, ’” Raphael said. “It was a wet night and I took her to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and we went upstairs to his room.”

Raphael shared the two images saying nothing, and started kissing. They finally went to the bedroom together, and Raphael fell asleep.

“Then Marilyn, who was 10 years old, said, ‘You’re very good for a guitarist. ‘After two minutes they went into the bedroom and I didn’t know if I should go, or stay and wait for them, so I just stopped,’ said Raphael. [via The Evening Standard].

He said he woke up to see the two of them “naked” walking out of the room after hiding behind a nearby bar.

Raphael said Monroe left the hotel in a cab, and that seems to be his end. However, he spoke about Monroe days later, and said that Presley responded, “’She’ s fine, but a little high for me. ”

Despite a claim of a romantic encounter, nothing was publicly announced until the former Presley representative revealed the news decades later. It is a situation that some fans always ask about when it comes to two of the most famous images coming out of the 20th century.

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