Dennis Quaid Says He Still Loves Meg Ryan Despite Their Messy Divorce

It’s been years since Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid were one of the hottest A-list couples in Hollywood. They married in 1991, and their marriage collapsed 10 years later when Ryan was captured belonging to Russell Crowe.

However, that is not the only reason the marriage ended. In fact, Quaid says he still likes Ryan despite their false separation.

Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife, actress Meg Ryan
Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife, actress Meg Ryan | LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan had a difficult marriage

With two amazing actors together, most notably one who starred in romantic comedies like No sleep in Seattle and When Harry Met met Sally, Ryan and Quaid had a romantic appearance. However, we now know that he was far from perfect. Quaid dealt with alcohol and substance abuse, and the You have a post a star has also revealed that her then-husband was not loyal to her during their marriage.

“Dennis was not loyal to me for a long time, and that was very painful,” said the City of Angels star defined for it Today in 2008. “I found out more about that once I was separated.”

In the years since they separated, Quaid has also discovered how he contributed to the decline of his marriage to Ryan. He said to the Independent,

When we started, I was pretty much on top. She was just getting started. Then she was When Harry Met met Sally and I took time out and the posts were abruptly turned to where we were, in our posts. I’m too much of a person to let that bother me and it wasn’t her fault. I was happy for her, but at the same time it made me hit home where I was alone, the head of things.

Meg Ryan was cast as the spokesperson after her relationship with Russell Crowe

Towards the end of Ryan and Quaid ‘s marriage, they were both very unhappy, and the French kiss actor hit a relationship with her Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe. Although things were already in her marriage to Quaid, she was painted as a cheater in the media. She explained to him Today-,

I never felt like I was worried about what people were thinking about me, but then that story wasn’t told right. I felt the impact, like I was the bad guy or whatever the story was. But I remember letting go of the need to correct anyone. I think it took a big hit. But Russell did not break the marriage. He was definitely there in the end, but that wasn’t his fault. I lied – I hurt him too in the end. I couldn’t be in another long relationship, this was not the time for that. So I found out.

Dennis Quaid says he still likes Meg Ryan

Now, about 20 years after their divorce, Quaid and Ryan have both moved on. Ryan is targeting his children, among others The Boys actor Jack Quaid with whom she shares Parent Trap star. Meanwhile, Quaid is newly married to a Ph.D. student Laura Savoie.

With so much time gone by since their relationship ended, Quaid states that he has no bad feelings towards Ryan, in fact, he says he still loves her dearly.

“Yes, I still love her,” said Quaid Independent. “I really like her, and we have a lot of fun. We spent a good 13 years together. We had a baby together, and we shared so much: she made my life. ”

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