Demi Moore Says She’s ‘More Connected’ To Bruce Willis Now Than When They Were Married

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were one of the most famous people in Hollywood. But no matter how successful their careers were, at home, their relationship was slowly falling apart.

Eventually, their affairs led to the couple’s divorce. And while their decision to end things was devastating to the masses they loved together, Moore says she has a better relationship with Willis now than they were married.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

Why did Bruce Willis and Demi Moore get a divorce?

Like most married couples who decide to end their relationships, it was a series of small things that led to their separation. Moore reveals the memory that she was not emotionally vulnerable to letting her guard down with Willis. She would distance him as much as possible so that he would not be locked. But in the end, she went too far on her own, to the point where Willis didn’t feel needed in the relationship.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

Willis and Moore continue to co-parent the three children together, and they are closer now than ever. They even quarantined together with the whole family. According to the pictures Ghost actor posted through Twitter, they had a great time together, holding “family paint nights” and pajama parties.

“It’s a funny thing to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce,” Moore said. “I think Bruce was scared at first that I was going to make our separation difficult, and that I would express my anger and whatever baggage I had from our marriage. by blocking access to the children – that I would turn to everyone. of these ploys divorce couples use as weapons. But he didn’t, and he didn’t. ”

She said, “We felt more connected than we did before the divorce. ”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore recently shared an emotional phone call

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, circa 1995
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, circa 1995 | LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

After Moore wrote her 2019 memoir, Willis called on his ex-wife to tell her how proud he was of her. Moore reveals in her book that she hardly cries, but his remark brought her to tears.

“I was preparing to do Jimmy Fallon Live the other night, and my phone rang,” she tells the Netflix podcast Conventional company by Krista Smith. “It was Bruce. I was ready for some sensitivity, (for her book,) and he shouted and became very emotional. He said, ‘I’m so proud of you.’ ”

“I also became very emotional, and I don’t cry out… Purity of love and acceptance, the place it could hold for me, to walk out and (be) encouraged that, it just meant so much to me. ”

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