Demi Moore Says She ‘Changed’ Herself During Her Marriages To Bruce Willis & Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore admits that her marriage to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher made her lose herself greatly.

Throughout her life, the Ghost The actress married three men. Prior to her marriage to Willis, Moore and musician Freddy Moore married in 1980. Moore would go on to marry Willis in 1987, and Kutcher in 2005.

Actor Bruce Willis, actress Demi Moore and actress Ashton Kutcher at the Grand Opening of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Weekend on November 17, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher Denise Truscello / WireImage

Demi Moore says she changed ‘herself’ many times when she was married

In July 2020, Moore appeared on Sirius XM’s Jess Cagle show for a meaningful interview. In their discussion, Moore reflected on her past relationship with Freddy, Willis, and Kutcher. Moore admitted that she tried to turn herself into a different person during each marriage. She said it wasn’t until she separated that exes found Moore and took her for who she was.

Several years later, Moore and Kutcher crossed paths at a restaurant in 2003. The couple married in 2005 but had problems with their relationship. In her book, Moore recalled learning that Kutcher had deceived her through a Google alert on her phone.

Although she is currently separated, Moore said she believes relationships can thrive. She said that while everyone involved is working on self-love, they can do the necessary work that comes with saving a relationship.

“Working through a relationship is wonderful in our fragile times,” Moore said. “Going through the journey pays homage to the love that brought you together in the first place, and to give it your all – but you can’t do it without that love and accept to yourself. “

Demi Moore says talking about her life and marriages to Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher in her book was ‘intimate’ and ‘challenging’

Moore released Inside on September 24, 2019. Prior to the book’s launch, Moore reported InStyle that she feels like a new person after working on it for several months. She said she has a new respect and esteem for herself, which she had struggled with before.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at the Los Angeles Premiere of “No Strings Attached” held at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, USA on January 11, 2011.
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Christian JENTZ / Gamma-Rapho

“It was a very close, challenging project,” Moore said. “The most important part was when I had to go back through all that I had, and I began to gain a valuable depth of understanding. Everything I had seen as negative or bad, I now appreciate. I’ve been going through thousands of pictures lately, and, I mean, looking at the life I’ve lived, the things we’ve done, it’s amazing, and I’m so grateful. ”

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