Demi Moore Admits That She Didn’t ‘Really Trust’ Bruce Willis During Their Marriage

In a 1991 interview with Vanity Fair, Demi Moore openly admitted that she did not have complete trust in her husband, Bruce Willis. And while she was hailed as the “hottest couple in Hollywood” at the time, Moore pours into her recently published memoir that she suspects Willis is cheating on her. for the duration of the marriage.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore attend the Opening of the Grand Planet Hollywood on September 17, 1995 | Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are better than ever in 2020

Willis and Moore may have been involved in setbacks during their marriage, but after their separation in 2001, the two are still on good terms to this day. Moore has gone so far as to call his divorce from Willis something to be proud of because of the way they both handled it. The celebrities had a remarkable civil separation, and are still co-parenting the three daughters.

Bruce Willis comedy comedy roast - After the party
Bruce Willis’ comedy comedy roast – After Party | Phil Faraone / VMN18 / Getty Images

In her 1991 interview with Vanity Fair, Moore spoke of her love for children. She said, “With children, you have no reason not to trust them because they will tell you what it is. They say ‘I love you,’ they say ‘Don’t touch me,’ they say ‘I don’t want you.’ You always know where you stand. ”

And later in the interview, when Moore was asked if she trusted her husband, she had an interesting response.

“Do I trust anyone?” she asked, and paused a long time. “It simply came to our notice then. Along the way, I’ve been shown that it’s okay to trust, so I usually go ahead and take the plunge. But deep down, do I indeed trust? I do not believe that. ”

Moore said, “My child is the only person I trust.”

Bruce Willis was the main ingredient in his relationship with Demi Moore

Bruce Willis & Demi Moore
Bruce Willis & Demi Moore | Terry McGinnis / WireImage

Willis spoke of their relationship in a Vanity Fair interview, saying he fell in love with Moore before he even met her.

“It’s her face,” he said. “I fell in love with her before I even spoke to her. . . . The girl you saw inside Ghost this is what I fell in love with. “

He then spoke about how they kept the relationship alive for so many years. Willis said maintaining a strong relationship over the years is the best way to make their marriage work. He says that they were best friends and that he helped keep them together.

Willis said,

“We both still care to do the work it takes to turn this little garden into a ditch. We learned how to be each other’s best friend. Sometimes that ‘s more important than being someone’ s husband or wife. . . to honor each other that most of the time goes out the window in a marriage. ”

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