Demi Lovato Revealed How Quarantine Allowed Her Time to ‘Get to Know Myself Better’

Demi Lovato is doing a lot of self-reflection and reflection since she parted ways with Max Ehrich, revealing how she lost no time by bothering at quarantine. Although coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) broke away from everything normal, leaving many people feeling lonely, Lovato shared the ways in which she used the time to advantage.

Demi Lovato will perform the National Anthem on stage at Super Bowl LIV, February 02, 2020
Demi Lovato | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich stopped their promise

Lovato and Ehrich got engaged in July after a five-month setback but separated in September. Earlier that month, Lovato addressed old tweets and Instagram videos where Ehrich confirmed his love for SeFF Gomez, a former BFF.

Lovato wrote on her Instagram story at the time, “It is very sad when people deceive images to confront women. If women have a conflict it is NOT between them. ”

“Second, don’t you have to write more importantly in 2020?” She asked.

The singer continued, “I challenge any tabloid who likes to submit my name to mention Breonna Taylor and whose murderers have not yet been arrested. DO WRITE… ”

She said, “I get it. And I just don’t want to look at what’s happening in the world either but WE MUST. Yes, celebrities and their relationships are easier to separate because 2020 is suckling and frightening all of us, but that only remains scary until we face it. all and WORK ON SOLUTIONS TOGETHER. ”

Demi Lovato shared how quarantine spent her time working on herself

During the Nov. 10 on Late night with Seth Meyers, Lovato shared how she found ways to be busy that contribute to self-improvement.

The singer shared how meditation has helped her keep anxiety away during quarantine. “At the beginning of quarantine I got a real thought, and I started thinking more,” Lovato explained. “It was something I had done before but I didn’t make a living out of it. Now I’ve started thinking. ”

She continued, “I came up with this new philosophy that I am never tired of. I never stop worrying about being bored because I can always think no matter where I am or what I am doing. That helped me a lot. ”

The isolation of the pandemic has allowed her to better connect with family and friends… and even her pets!

“Also just building better relationships with my friends and family and even my dogs is something I never got to do when I was working so hard,” she said. “This quarantine has been a great little experience for me to get to know myself better. “

Lovato shared why she wrote a song about President Trump

Meyers also talked about how Lovato used the injury time to write a song “Commander in Chief,” calling it “basically, a kind of letter to the president” and asking why she decided to write.

“I was thinking about the music out there right now and I was like, ‘Why isn’t anyone talking about what’s going on ?,’” Lovato explained. “In the ’60s and’ 70s when anything was political, music was a key element in helping people to process and get through it. I was like, ‘You know, I have to step in my words and do something about more than just my life.’ ”

“So I started making more less music about me and more about the wider world that’s going on,” she said.

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