Debbie Reynolds Thought Her Third Husband Wanted To Kill Her for Insurance Money: ‘I’d Married the Devil’

Debbie Reynolds once said that “she married very poorly.” The late star married three times in his life, and each came with the fair share of struggles.

Her first marriage to singer Eddie Fisher (Carrie Fisher’s father) ended when he left Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor. Her second husband was a “gamble-holic” who spent millions of her money, and the third man, well, there was a man she called “the devil” she thought was going to kill him.

Debbie Reynolds and her husband Richard Hamlett circa 1991 | Ron Galella, Ltd./Contributor/Getty Images

Debbie Reynolds and Richard Hamlett were married from 1984 to 1996

Richard Hamlett was Reynolds’ third and final man. They married in 1984, and separated from a real estate developer in 1996 after a relationship and bankruptcy.

While her divorce from her first husband was a “cowardly tabloid feeding frenzy,” her marriage to Hamlett was even worse. In her 2013 memoir Incredible, the Incredible Molly Brown alum didn’t make words according to what she did.

“I married the devil,” she wrote.

One dark news in the memoir explained the night she and the Hamlett hotel in Las Vegas opened. (The hotel went under, throwing Reynolds to a break.) Reynolds played at the hotel on opening night, and Hamlett reportedly walked out of the show halfway through. A bit strange for a husband to spill his wife’s performance at the grand opening of their $ 2 million business venture.

Hamlett disappeared for a day and a half, then reappeared in his room with Reynolds looking as if he had just had sex. (It was, of course, related to a woman from his home state in Virginia.) As Reynolds explains in her book, she confronted her husband, who had “an eye in his eye [that] it scared me. ”

Debbie Reynolds and Richard Hamlett Bettmann / Getty Pictures

Debbie Reynolds thought Richard Hamlett would push him off the balcony of their Las Vegas hotel

During this frightening conversation, Reynolds said that Hamlett admitted that they would talk about the balcony of their room, which was on the 12th floor.

“Why did it look so big to take me to the balcony, which is only about 3 feet wide – not enough room for friendly conversation? ”She wrote. “Was he thinking about my million dollar life insurance policy with him as a sponsor? I saw the dollar signs floating above his head. ”

“I was sure he was going to throw me off the balcony,” Reynolds continued. “One shoe and all its troubles would be over. I saw myself falling a dozen floors to the pavement. ”

The Singing in the water alum avoided the perceived danger by wrapping himself in bags on his closet shelf until he left the room. After this incident, Reynolds decided not to divorce. She arranged to meet Hamlett at a cafe to discuss their settlement, and then revealed her suspicions.

“I’m there for the money,” he told her Incredible. “I’m not leaving. You will never get rid of me. You can’t get rid of me. I am in control of everything. It’s all in my name. You’re just a figure head. You are nothing. And I don’t love you. ”

Sorry, man, but Princess Leia’s mother wasn’t easily in danger. They divorced, and then spent the rest of her life criticizing the man apolitically.

As she told The daily beast in 2011, “I’m waiting to read that someone is running off a cliff somewhere. ”

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