Debbie Reynolds Once Said Eddie Fisher ‘Always Wanted To Be’ Elizabeth Taylor’s Husband

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were married with two young children when he fell for Elizabeth Taylor. The celebrities made more and more contact after Taylor’s husband Mike Todd died. Fisher and Todd were best friends years before the producer died.

In 1988, Reynolds shared what she had learned about why her husband left the family for his close friend.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor at an event with her husband film producer Mike Todd (left), and singer Eddie Fisher, circa 1957.
Mike Todd, Elizabeth Taylor, and Eddie Fisher | Archive photos / images Getty

Debbie Reynolds heard rumors about Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor

Before their famous love triangle began, Reynolds, Fisher, and Taylor were all good friends. Taylor and Reynolds met as teenagers when they went to high school at MGM studios. Once Taylor married Todd, the four friends became inseparable. They often took part in events together as a double date. In addition, Reynolds was Taylor’s chief honorist for her and Todd’s wedding in 1957. Fisher was Todd’s favorite man.

While Reynolds believed that Fisher tried to do Todd when he married Taylor, the Singin in the Rain star also believes Taylor took advantage of him. She said Fisher knew Taylor at the time.

“I simply thought it filled this terrible gap for her, and friendship completely, which turned out to be another matter, but I don’t think she continued that,” Reynolds said of Taylor . “I mean, that was Eddie wanting everything Mike Todd had – and being Mike Todd. It didn’t work out. You can’t be someone else. ”

Reynolds’ suspicion of Taylor and Fisher’s connection came true in 1964. After five years, Fisher and Taylor separated. Nine days later, Taylor and her co-star, Richard Burton, got married. Taylor and Reynolds became friends again until Taylor died in 2011.

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