Debbie Reynolds Once Called Eddie Fisher Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Replacement’

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher once had a beautiful marriage. Both were famous for their acting and singing, and the public referred to the couple as “America’s Sweethearts. However, their marriage became valuable for negative reasons in the mid-1950s. Fisher left Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor, causing an infamous love triangle between the celebrities.

Years after the scandal, Reynolds shared why she believed Taylor became interested in Fisher.

    American singer Eddie Fisher, wearing a tuxedo, stands with arms around his wife, American actress Debbie Reynolds (R) and smiles as he watches British-born actor Elizabeth Taylor, cigarette smoking, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The following year Fisher left Reynolds and married Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds | Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were close to Elizabeth Taylor’s third

The history of Reynolds and Taylor runs deep. The stars met in high school and signed for Metro Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) at the same time. Although Reynolds admitted People that she was “scared” of Taylor being a schoolteacher, they formed a real friendship.

Reynolds shared by ET she does not mourn the end of her marriage. She said the relationship was starting to go south when Fisher and Taylor came together.

“Their marriage was not good for them, that fell apart,” she said. “When our end comes, years later, I mean I’m in favor of Elizabeth to break that whole situation. But I don’t blame him for breaking them; I blame Eddie for breaking them. Maybe I’m sticking with women. ”

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