‘Dawson’s Creek’: Pacey Makes a Joke About Joey That Joshua Jackson Later Used To Compliment Katie Holmes

Dawson’s Creek, one of the largest a popular drama series for teenagers of the ’90s and’ 00s, there are several memorable characters. But it is the romance between Joey and Pacey that many remember so often years later. However, they started out as friends, with Pacey once comparing Joey to one famous actor.

Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes appeared in ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Season 3 throw 'Dawson's Creek'
Session 3 ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Columbia TriStar

In Dawson’s Creek, Jackson showed a picture of Pacey Witter. Prior to the series, Jackson had the greatest experience of any of his young co-stars, having been involved The big ducks film permission. After the show ended, Jackson continued his work on the small screen with lines like Margin, The Affair, and Small fires everywhere.

Playing against Jackson was Katie Holmes. Holmes had been in just one film before coming to the role of Joey Potter. She went on to appear in films such as Teaching Mrs Tingle, Pieces of April, and Batman starts. Holmes is also famous for showing Jacqueline Kennedy in the miniseries The Kennedys and The Kennedys: After Camelot.

Their characters had a repeated relationship

Pacey and Joey start the series as the two best friends with the title Dawson Leery. They spend time together in school and afterwards, working on Dawson films. In addition to a kiss in season 1 that evokes some feelings on Pacey’s end, they will be close friends until season 3, when they first establish a relationship.

The couple breaks up a few times during the series. After going back for almost their high year, they parted ways at prom. While befriending and getting around others, they come back together for a short time in season 6. The series ends with Joey choosing Pacey over Dawson’s years in the future.

Jackson and Holmes with a date before Pacey and Joey did

Even before there was ink that Pacey and Joey could be more than friends, the actors who represented them had their own romance. And while it was short – lived (as many of the characters themselves were flying), Holmes looked back on their relationship, which began while filming season 1, fondly.

“I’m just saying I met someone last year,” she said Rolling Stone in 1998, when I was filming for season 2. “I fell in love, I had my first love, and it was something so amazing and inevitable that I will always treasure it.” Although she did not say a name, Holmes named her co-star, “one of my best friends. ”

Jackson mentioned this actor when he was talking about Holmes

Katie Holmes as Joey and Joshua Jackson as Pacey in 'Dawson's Creek' circa 2000.
Katie Holmes as Joey and Joshua Jackson as Pacey in ‘Dawson’s Creek’ circa 2000. | Columbia TriStar Television International / Courtesy of Getty Images

In that same profile for Rolling Stone, Jackson returned the favor, kindly talking about his ex-girlfriend and his usual friend. “Katie has more hidden potential than anyone I’ve ever worked with,” said the actress. “It’s up to her now to turn to Meryl Streep and not rest on her laurels. ”

Interesting for those who watched the series, this comes back to something Pacey said about Joey in the Dawson’s Creek pilot – although it has a very different connection. While filming a scene for his film, Dawson encourages his actors to be behind schedule. “Hey, it’s Meryl Streep causing this, okay?” said Pacey “Bite me,” Joey replied.

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