Dave Chappelle’s Newest Comedy Project Will Be a First For Him

Dave Chappelle’s has recently been announced 8:46 special was the main video of 2020 on YouTube, and was one of the many events where it was a major attraction. The 27-minute show was a mix of reflection and comedy while discussing the brutality of police, family, and figures like Candace Owens.

Although he has nearly 30 million views on stage, Chappelle attracted scores of viewers as he went along. Saturday Night Live in November. He was also a guest on David Letterman’s Netflix series, My next guest needs no introduction, reminding fans that he is a comedian who is engaged, sensitive and quirky on social issues.

Ever an artist and patron, behind the scenes, Chappelle cooks something else for the community.

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle at the premiere of ‘A Star is Born’ | Roberto Machado Noah / LightRocket through Getty Images

Dave Chappelle to open comedy club

This year, Chappelle held a series of stand – out events in his hometown of Ohio to provide entertainment during the pandemic. This is where his part was filmed 8:46 special in June and another event in August.

Although he has recently canceled plans for more trips, he is moving forward with another project in the Dayton / Yellow Springs area.

Days before the Christmas holidays, Chappelle completed the purchase of an old fire station in the town, according to Dayton Daily News. He plans to turn the building into a comedy club and has gone through a tough process to buy it.

For each exterior, six parties expressed an interest in purchasing the property and had to submit proposals outlining how they would use the old fireplace and its giving the area a “cultural impetus”. Several candidates led, but Chappelle came out on top.

One of the development board members said Chappelle’s vision was very appropriate. “We think this will bring a new class of jobs to the city,” said Corrie Van Ausdal. “We also thought (Chappelle) is a minority business owner, has a history of employing minorities and is a person with a clear commitment to raising color voices. ”

The non-profit organization in charge of the sale is optimistic about the future of the project and the impact it will have on the city.

Chappelle lives in Ohio and has family ties to the area

When Letterman met Chappelle for his series, he was in the Yellow Springs area. This is where he lives with his wife and children. He has spoken fondly of the town and his company has bought several properties in the area with plans to renovate them for various purposes, including a hair salon and an apartment.

Although the comedian is from Washington, DC, he spent part of his childhood days in Ohio with his father. Chappelle’s father was a professor at Antioch College where he taught music.

Once the firehouse is turned into a comedy club, it will hold around 140 guests. The town hopes to attract visitors to the area who not only spend time at the club but spend money on surrounding businesses. The Chappelle team will officially close the building in 2021.

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