‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Cheryl Burke Might Leave the Show To Do This

Cheryl Burke has been competing Dancing with the stars from season 2. Now, Burke is considering retiring. This is what Burke plans to do if and when she retires DWTS.

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke
AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke Eric McCandless through Getty Images

Cheryl Burke has been competing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for over 20 seasons

Burke is famous Dancing with the stars pro. She has been competing for the Mirror Ball since season 2. When Burke’s contract went up in season 19, she took a short break from the show and returned for season 23. As season 24 moved around, Burke -again season off.

She came back to compete in season 25 and has returned for every season since. This year for the 29th seasons of DWTS, Burke competes with Backstreet Boy AJ McLean. It’s not clear at this point, but season 29 may be Burke’s last.

Cheryl Burke is considering retiring

Burke has recently opened up about retiring Dancing with the stars.

“My bumps won’t lie, and I’m starting to get tendonitis,” the two-time Mirror Ball Champion explained on the Birds in the Office podcast. Throughout her career, Burke has continued through a number of injuries. Despite her efforts to succeed, Burke says dancers her age – she’s 36-years – don’t usually continue to compete.

“For women, as long as ballroom dancing goes competitive, usually in their 30s [they retire], ”She said. Plus, Burke doesn’t want her dance to get old.

“I also don’t want to be like that old man like, ‘Oh, here comes Cheryl doing the same dance, just going slow but in her head, she thinks she’s going so fast, ”said Burke. “I don’t want to be a dancer and my partner has to be like, ‘I can’t lift. ‘There is a time and place for everything. ”

Cheryl Burke’s retirement doesn’t mean she’s done DWTS

If Burke decides to retire from dance dancing, that doesn’t mean she’s done with it. Dancing with the stars completely. Burke would consider being a judge on the show.

“It would be great for me to just use my mouth and not my body,” she said during the podcast. Burke’s experience would greatly welcome the comments of Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough, and Bruno Tonioli, who currently sit on the judging panel.

“Four judges? It’s great! She shouted. “Just give us every five seconds.”

Cheryl Burke wants to start a family outside of the dance world

Outside of the show, Burke is married to her husband, actor Matthew Lawrence. The two tied the knot in May 2019. When Burke retires, she wants to start a family. “I definitely want to be a mother,” Burke said Weekly Us in September 2018.

Despite Burke’s long career in dance, she doesn’t want to raise her child to become a dancer. “I don’t know about this dance world,” she explained. “There’s a lot of pressure, and they have to grow up too fast. That’s what I did. I don’t want them to grow fast – I want them to stay as children forever. ”

It’s unclear if Burke still feels the same way about raising a dancer’s baby, as do her retirement plans.

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