‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Britt Stewart Shares What Challenged Johnny Weir Most in Season 29

Britt Stewart and her partner Johnny Weir went to semi-finals Dancing with the stars Season 29 – but it wasn’t easy. Showbiz Cheat Sheet with Stewart spoke on the phone about her first season as a pro, her partnership with Weir, and the challenges they had to overcome this season.

BRITT STEWART & JOHNNY WEIR | Eric McCandless / ABC through Getty Images

Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart were stunned when they were eliminated in the finals

As Stuart put it, she and the Weir partnership were “very 2020.” Dancing with the stars there has never been a partnership like Stuart, the show ‘s first Black female pro, and Weir, a male figure scaler who constantly pushes the boundaries between gender, gender, and sexuality.

“We were very surprised [about the elimination], ”Stewart told Showbiz. “First of all, we are both so grateful and blessed to have had the season. I have no regrets [and] I wouldn’t go back one minute for nothing. I am so happy with how Johnny performed [in the] semi-finals, but also the entire season. ”

Of course, Stuart and Weir wanted to come to the finals. But the expectations of many fans made it difficult for Weir to win votes.

Britt Stewart says expectations for Johnny Weir on ‘DWTS’

“I would say that Johnny’s expectations were a challenge to us,” Stewart explained. “People expected it to be at a certain level because it’s a figure scaler. ”

As is often the case with figure skaters, boy band members, or anyone with the smallest dance background, many Dancing with the stars fans accept that they have a natural inclination to dance. But as Stuart explained, figure scaling and ballroom dancing are very different.

“What people don’t realize is that a lot of the things that scalers drill for the skateboard don’t translate to the floor of the ballroom,” said Stewart. “Many scalers are trained. But Johnny had never been to dance training. ”

Growing up, the Weir family could only afford skating lessons. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Stuart believed that Weir had never attended three ballet classes in his life.

“We were really starting from scratch,” she said. “It certainly has a quality performance. And of course, he has the beautiful arm movement. ” But Weir still had to work just as hard as the other competitors to get as far as he did in the competition.

Britt Stewart says it wasn’t ‘necessary enough’ for viewers to err on the background of Johnny Weir’s figure for dance experience

In a special season, the contestants will be on top Dancing with the stars there are different backgrounds. Some are athletes with strength and balance. Others are actors who have no rhythm of zero. More often than not, spectators have higher expectations for athletes or anyone with physical ability.

“I think sometimes people set it at a level that is not necessary,” said Stuart. “Especially going against people in the competition who got real dance training – not just performance experience, but real dance training.”

Stuart feels like many fans were uniting Weir with the more experienced dancers. She feels that these expectations, Weir, and some of the other contestants “gave the judges and audience a head start. ”

No matter how some fans felt Weir should be capable of accomplishment, Stuart could not have dreamed of a better partner.

“Johnny went beyond my expectations,” concluded Stuart. “[Exceeding others’ expectations was] the biggest challenge, but I think he overcame it. ”

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