‘Dancing With the Stars’: How Some Pros Really Feel About Derek Hough On the Judges’ Panel

Dancing with the stars has introduced many changes in season 29. Cheryl Burke and Britt Stewart are two of the wins that need to change according to this season’s unique situation. Now, the two are out running for the Mirror Ball. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with the DWTS pros on the phone until they catch Derek Hough as judge this season.

Derek Hough
Derek Hough | Eric McCandless through Getty Images

Len Goodman was not a judge on season 29 of ‘DWTS’

Due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Goodman was unable to return to the United States to be diagnosed for season 29 of Dancing with the stars. Showrunners had primed pro Hough and were ready to replace Goodman.

Hough appeared regularly on the show from 2007 to 2016. He and his various celebrity partners have won the Mirror Ball six times his lifetime. With his experience in the ballroom, adding Hough to the panel made sense to many fans.

Derek Hough’s style of judgment is quite different from Len Goodman’s style

For both the pros and fans alike, Goodman was always a judge who based his scores on content. Carrie Ann Inaba may be a sticker for lifts, but Goodman looked for past dance mistakes and gestures that reflect the style being performed.

While Hough certainly bases his scores on the content of the dances, he is not at the same level as Goodman.

“I think what is needed is just the consistency,” Burke told Showbiz. “As I said before, yes [are] special rules. We always were [those rules] from the first day I started back in 2006. ”

Throughout season 29, Burke felt like the judges were picking and choosing when they want to abide by those rules. She and her partner AJ McLean were knocked out at “Icons Night,” which surprised both of them.

Stewart agreed that Hough’s style of judgment was different from Goodman’s.

“[Goodman] the traditional one out of the judges, ”said Stewart. “I think a lot of people felt that way to be missing this season.”

Despite the differences between the Goodman and Hough scoring, Stewart admitted she felt more of a balance from the judges in season 29.

“I liked that there wasn’t one bad boy or one who worked on things,” said Stuart. “The judges were very upset [being the bad guy] eatorra. ”

Cheryl Burke and Britt Stewart nominate Derek Hough as DWTS judge

In speaking to the Dancing with the stars pros, Showbiz wanted to get their honest views on what Hough contributed to the judging panel this season.

“I think Derek is doing an amazing job, don’t get me wrong at all,” Burke said. Her colleague, Stuart, accepted that view.

“I have to say, Len Goodman is the main stable block Dancing with the stars, but I couldn’t be happier for Derek Hough, ”said Stewart on a separate call with Showbiz. “I thought he was and still is an amazing judge [and] a remarkable addition to the judging panel. ”

It is unclear what the next season will be DWTS yes, but one thing is for sure. If Hough returns, those pros will be happy about it.

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