‘Dance Moms’: Why the Original Cast Initially Thought the Show Was a Joke

Since then Dancing Moms first back in 2011, it has consistently been one of Lifetime ‘s biggest shows. Over the eight seasons, the team has changed a lot, but in the end the show has become very popular and has launched a number of careers as well. Fortunately, no one expected the show to be so successful. In fact, the network was originally intended Dancing Moms being a TV special with just six shows.

Dance Season 2 Moms
Dance Moms cast | Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

It’s hard to imagine that Dancing Moms it would be easy for me to show a dance studio other than Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) but in a recent interview with ET Online, four members (Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Melissa Gisoni, Kelly Hyland, and Jill Vertes) revealed that Lifetime was not originally sold on the ALDC and were looking for another dance studio to film before opting for the show.

The original ‘Dance Moms’ team didn’t take the show seriously at first

“I don’t think they wanted our dance studio from the beginning,” Gisoni recalled Dancing Moms representatives. “They were going all over the country and they were trying to get children from different studios but then they liked us, you know.” Gisoni also said that the original team did not think the show was going to be a real thing when they were last selected. After all the back and forth, the team felt that the show would not make it to air and that no one would see it by chance that it did not.

Vertes also added early in the show, the Dancing Moms producers never told them how many programs they would shoot that season. “With each actual season we never knew how many incidents they were going to kill,” Vertes said. “At least early, as if it was just going and going. And, you know, you would have signed up for six events, and then they would have to sign a contract for a further 23 [and] we would shoot up to 36 programs a quarter. ”

What will replace Lifetime with ‘Dance Moms’?

It is interesting that the team of Dancing Moms i didn’t think at first it was a big deal for the show. But maybe that’s part of the reason the show came as a surprise. It will be interesting to see what Lifetime dreams of to replace the successful show.

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