‘Dance Moms’: Cheryl Burke Once Revealed That She Was Shocked the Girls Had ‘Zero Confidence’

With eight quarters of Dancing Moms, it can be easy for fans to forget that Cheryl Burke was once a key member of the team. The Dancing with the stars The champion was introduced late in season 7 as dance teacher and studio owner, Abby Lee Miller. But what was it like for the ballroom expert to coach the tight team to a national tournament and how did she manage to get into the group? Dancing Moms thrown first?

Cast Moms Dance Members: Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, and Nia Sioux sans Cheryl Burke
Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, and Nia Sioux | Tara Ziemba / WireImage

Like most TV shows, Burke’s tour is to coincide with the Dancing Moms the toss began with a toss call and conversation. The action reps reached out to Burke after Miller displayed worse-than-usual behavior. Fans of the show note that, in Season 7, Miller threatened to stop more than once so the producers started making contact with other dance teachers. When Miller’s threats came to light, representatives reached out to Burke to see if she would be interested in replacing Miller.

How Cheryl Burke ended up joining the ‘Dance Moms’ team

“I had just had a meeting with the action reps and the weekend after that, a guy said to my manager and it was like, ‘Abby walked out and Cheryl would be a perfect place,'” Burke said. ris Weekly Us back in 2017. The Dancing with the stars alum admitted that she was surprised at how quickly things went out and before she knew it, she had joined the Dancing Moms thrown.

Miller seems to have been to blame for much of the uncertainty suffered by the dancers. Fans of Dancing Moms they will remember Miller’s penchant for pushing and believing almost all of her students for everything from their dance style to their physical appearance to their intelligence. Rarely when a dancer was considered a “favorite”, they were put on a podium and forced to deal with impossible levels and extreme pressure.

Burke revealed that the dancers were corrupted by Abby Lee Miller

“They said they were corrupted by Abby and her teaching methods,” Burke said of it Dancing Moms members of the team she worked with. “That’s a shame because with teenagers it’s so important to advise them.” Fortunately, Burke was able to provide some support to the girls at a time when they seemed to be the most hit and vulnerable. We’re sure fans are hopeful that the girls have regained their confidence now that the show is over and they have nothing to do with Miller. Only time will tell.

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