Dance Moms Alum, Kendall Vertes, Tells Critics to ‘Grow up’ After They Discover She Supports Trump

Dancing Moms alum Kendall Vertes is accustomed to his fair share of criticism. The Pittsburgh native was just eight years old when she joined the team of the reality TV show Lifetime. Although many fans think the dancer is an OG member of the Dancing Moms Diehard fans will remember that Vertes did not enter the show until their second season.

Dance Moms alum Kendall Vertes defends being a Trump supporter
Vertes Kendall | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

When Abby Lee Miller hosted an open call for a new member to join her famous team for the Junior Elite Championship, it was Vertes who eventually won the famous place in the Dancing Moms thrown. Miller decided Vertes was a “beautiful baby” of the right age and height for the team and had a knot to turn. However, Vertes ’time on the show was disappointing.

Kendall Vertes had an interesting trip as a ‘Dance Moms’ shooting member

Vertes was first put to the test when she joined the team. Thanks to complaints from her mother, Jill Vertes, that probationary period extended far beyond anyone’s expectations. Eventually, Jill became so upset that she took her daughter to the Candy Apples Dance Center, a Dancing Moms fans will remember that the studio is a competitor to the ALDC. Eventually, however, Vertes and her mother returned to ALDC and remained on the show for a further five seasons.

But even after Vertes got her spot on the team, there was a lot of criticism of her. While Vertes was often popular in Miller’s eyes, fans of the show weren’t always nice to the dancer. Many critics felt Vertes was “crybaby” because she was often reduced to tears when Miller had to wear strange clothes and suits. Others Dancing Moms fans expressed their views that Vertes was a “rug” because she had a penchant to speak her mind, without withholding her words from adults or members of her team.

‘Dance Moms’ fans on TikTok and Instagram find out Vertes is a Trump supporter

Jill also received her fair share of criticism from fans Dancing Moms. People always make fun of her for all the ways she tried to get her daughter along. Jill felt that her “little Kendall” was getting as many opportunities as she could. Fans even remember Jill bidding for her daughter to take on the role of Rosa Parks when it was clear that it would and should go to Nia Sioux, who was the only Black member of the team at the time.

From the tenure of Vertes onwards Dancing Moms has come to an end, criticism of her has almost died. However, it picked up recently when some fans found out that she supports Donald Trump. Recently, user on TikTok they put back some of the eggs that Vertes was dyeing for Easter. One of the eggs clearly reads Trump 2020. In addition, other fans did some detective work and found that Vertes is following Trump on Instagram. While some people thanked Vertes for her support, many people left negative comments for the 17-year-old girl.

Vertes responds to criticism about her support for Trump

Seeing all the negative comments on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok about supporting Trump, Vertes chose to address the criticism. On October 17, 2020, Vertes posted a video of her dance on her TikTok page. “Yeah, let’s put someone off for a different opinion than you… let’s bully them by calling names and non-judgmental ideas… growing up,” the Dancing Moms write alum. Clearly, Vertes doesn’t take her criticism down. Only time will tell if she chooses to deal with the matter again.

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