Dale Earnhardt Jr. Once Got in Trouble With His Wife Thanks To a $12 and a Winning Lottery Ticket

In the eyes of most NASCAR fans, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won. the lottery. As the son of a racing legend, motor oil ran in Junior’s blood; although he did not intend to climb behind the wheel himself, he eventually succeeded – not to mention a high paid driver. Once, however, he won a more literate lottery.

On a 2015 trip to New York, Dale Earnhardt Jr. exploded a Powerball ticket, hoping to go on strike. Instead of claiming the grand prize, however, the star of motorsports only a few dollars ended and a lover was not so happy.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. one of the biggest names in NASCAR today

Based on his success with NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt Jr. hurt for money. However, that did not stop him from buying a lottery ticket in 2015.

As recorded by For the Win, Dale Jr. in New York on a media tour when he saw someone selling Powerball tickets. The jackpot was over $ 500 million at the time, so the NASCAR star decided it was worth a look. He bought a Quick Pick ticket and waited for the results.

When all was said and done, Earnhardt Jr. won. $ 12 reward. He was also in trouble with his other important one, though.

“Amy [Reimann, Earnhardt Jr.’s then-girlfriend and current wife] it surprised me, ”he explained. “It’s like, ‘What the hell do you want a Powerball ticket for? You don’t have to win it. ‘I promised right then that I would share half with charity. It made me feel really bad to buy it. ”

Apparently, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s next charitable donation was. including an additional $ 6.

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