Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hopes His Death Will Improve Future Safety of NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. have experienced a highly successful professional driving course. His days on the race track featured several frightening moments that profoundly affected his life. These situations were manageable Earnhardt Jr. down a path that he hopes will help improve safety NASCAR.

A long history of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s decisions.

The decision of Dale Earnhardt Jr. go that route talking more broadly to the bigger picture around NASCAR.

Earnhardt Jr. knows. inside and outside the industry from the driver’s perspective. He has a clear understanding of how drivers have felt about the situation regarding head injuries for several years.

Since retiring, the 46-year-old has opened up more about how he handled decisions and various symptoms of a head injury. Earnhardt Jr. was initially willing to talk about his physical problems resulting from the accidents he has been involved in as part of his 19-year racing course.

It has been said that laziness and fear about sharing that information is something that many conventional and former drivers feel. Beyond that, the commitment of Earnhardt Jr. to this effort forever help to change the sport for the better.

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