‘Cry-Baby’: Ricki Lake Lost Her Virginity While Filming This John Waters Cult Classic Starring Johnny Depp

Before Ricki Lake became the youngest talk show guest in syndicated TV history, she made her film debut as the main character Tracy Turnblad in the international cult classic of John Waters Hairspray in 1988. Waters toss Lake for the second time inland Cry-Baby (1990), a campy music comedy starring Johnny Depp and Amy Locane.

In a 2018 interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch what’s happening live, Lake revealed that she lost her virginity while filming her second film Waters.

Ricki Lake in 2015
Ricki Lake in 2015 | Jennifer Lourie / FilmMagic

Ricki Lake appeared in ‘Cry-Baby’ following the success of ‘Hairspray’

Cry-Baby it was not as big as it first seemed Hairspray, but – as with many of Waters ‘films – he won a cult that followed passionate fans, in part because of Depp’ s growing strength. (Tim Burton Edward Scissorhands released the same year). Like Hairspray, Cry-Baby it was converted to Broadway in 2008.

As a director, Waters has been known for throwing rising stars and developing strong close ties with his actors. His talent for all things dark, taboo, and twisted led him to strike creative collaborations with a wide variety of actors. Lake was one of those actors: Waters came to her after Hairspray’s success in taking a prominent supportive role there Cry-Baby.

Set in the 1950s and full of rockabilly rocks, Cry-Baby two competitive groups of teenagers followed from the 1950s – the obscene drapes and the “basic squares”. Depp played Cry-Baby Walker, a falling drape for Allison Vernon-Williams (Locane) goody-two-shoes square. Lake took over the role of Depp’s sister, Pepper Walker, a rebellious teenage mother.

She told Andy Cohen that she lost her virginity to another actress

Lake talked to Cohen about her antiques behind the scenes while filming Cry-Baby in 2018 episode de Watch what’s happening live.

She revealed that she was having sex for the first time with a co-star. Lake did not clarify whether he was one of them Cry-Baby constellations; however, she noted that Depp, her on-screen brother, was not in the film.

“Don’t lose your virginity Hairspray or onwards Cry-Baby? ”Cohen wanted to find out.

Cry-Baby, ”Lake said to him, smiling at the memory. “Not to Johnny Depp. Another actor, a very handsome actor … I was very happy to get over it, since I was almost 21. So it was like that, I needed that! ”

The Cry-Baby A star said she only had positive memories of the experience, especially since she was plus-size at the time and her partner made her feel great in her own skin. “He was very kind to me, and I was very big,” she asked. “It was very sweet. My first visit was fantastic. ”

Amy Locane
Amy Locane | Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

‘Cry-Baby’ star Amy Locane also admitted that she was crushed during filming

Lake was not the only one Cry-Baby a star that had the stars of the eye and a romance on the brain on a set. Locane, who played Depp’s innocent love interest, said she put a lot of pressure on him when she was tossed at just 18 years old.

In an interview in April 2020 with New Jersey 101.5, Locane said of Depp, “It ‘s so nice. It’s just so slow, nice [guy]. It’s, like, everything you think it would be and is. I was so crushed. ”

The Melrose Place there was still a star in high school at the time – at girls’ school, at least – and she couldn’t believe she had to take time off school “and kiss Johnny Depp and pay for it. ”She aroused a lot of jealousy from her classmates for her panoramic views with Depp.

As for Lake, Locane remembered her as “a lot of fun” and “Kath chatted.” It didn’t surprise her at all when Lake launched her own talk show a few years later.

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