‘Community’ Star Joel McHale Needed 3 Hair Transplant Surgeries to Feel Like Himself: ‘I’d Be Totally Bald’

By staying relevant in Hollywood many actors receive beauty treatment and cosmic surgery. The emphasis is to look great even as you age monumental. Surgeries, tooth capping, botox, and more are all common practices for a Hollywood elite. Hair is another source of research. Women spend large sums on strokes, cuts, color and extensions.

Men’s hair is not talked about as often, but the emphasis is still present. Many Hollywood men try treatments, including hair transplants, to maintain their youthful appearance. Covert treatment is common, however Community Star Joel McHale has decided to open up about getting multiple hair transplant surgeries to perform his plant locks.

Joel McHale smiling in front of a gray background
Joel McHale | Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images

Bad hair and transmissions

Although hair transplants are more common, there is still a small taboo in terms of getting the procedure. Some hair transplants like Tom Brady are artistically performed so there isn’t much to see. Other celebrities are less fortunate. For example, Donald Trump’s hair has been under scrutiny for years. There are many theories about what Trump did to his hair. Is it a comb? Is it a toupee, or are its locks the product of a hair movement?

Other celebrities have hairdressed them. Elton John said his experience with transmissions was very painful, with the end result making him look like something out of a horror movie. But not everyone who is receiving treatment for hair restoration regrets the decision.

Joel McHale overcame his insecurities

Most people recognize McHale, whether from his hospitality The Soup or his time working on the hit sitcom Community. Maybe this is the time he spent on it The Soup making fun of everyone in popular culture. It’s probably a business pressure. Whatever the reason, McHale feels that his physical appearance needs to be taken into account. He loves athletics and talks about his gym experience, saying, “I go in there thinking I’m in shape, and then I go in, and I am like, ‘Ooh, I am no in shape. I have to work harder, ‘”he said MetroWeekly.

The 43-year-old actor’s fitness level isn’t the only physical feature he’s admitted to being insecure about. There has been a lot of gossip and profiteering about McHale’s hair. For a long time, he chose not to deal with the rumors, which just added more fuel to the fire.

Coming clean and giving advice to others

After years of raising questions about hair, McHale has finally come clean. During podcast (available on Wondery) by Justin Long, he admitted in fact that he had only had one hair transplant surgery. The 43-year-old told Long, “Yeah! I would be completely bald. We’re not all born with thick curly hair like you… ”We continued to ask McHale when he started losing his hair and what made him decide to do something about it. McHale explained, “Oh, 18, 19 [years old] … When I started The Soup, I look at some of the promo pictures and I like, ‘Oh yeah. ‘I may have boarded and this is a great indication of my mid-life crisis but my theory is that I will not die and that it is a good theory.’

McHale is pleased with the results of his surgeries. He said, “Three surgeries after that, look at my hair! The banana technology is now. They pull your hair and stick it there. ” In fact, it warns others who are looking to perform the procedure that it is crucial that you choose the right surgeon. He remembers talking to his surgeon about repairing botched surgeries, “The one I did, it’s like, ‘Oh, I spend a lot of time repairing crappy surgeries where they go to different countries and it is a third of the cost. ‘Fortunately for the young actor, his result is entirely satisfactory. In all, he says, “I’m Joel McHale for a hair transplant.”

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