Comedian Bud Abbott Died Nearly Broke After Scandal Over Unpaid Taxes

Almost all forms of entertainment today can trace their roots back through the years and see how classic entertainment helped pave the way for today’s stars. Time and time again, today’s celebrities pay homage to acts from the past as a way to tap into this thread of talent that has grown into a contemporary hobby.

The world of comedy is definitely filled with those kinds of connections. Comedians like Lucille Ball helped pave the way for stars like Tina Fey to shine today. Eddie Murphy’s stance is just ahead of many of today’s stars in the genre.

These hilarious greats include Abbott and Costello, a comedy duo that inspired many of today’s stars.

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were famous comedy duos

William Alexander “Bud” Abbott and Lou Costello became famous for their hilarious talent on stage, on the radio airwaves, and into film and television. The two worked together during the 1930s. Then, as Encyclopedia Britannica reports, they officially met in 1936.

They would polarize their shtick on the burlesque round at a time when their unique taste of slick and slapstick exchanges was becoming increasingly popular. Although each of them made many of their sketches with old partners, it was not until they achieved them that they truly achieved fame.

Bud Abbott played the bully in their exchanges

During their time as a comic couple, Abbott and Costello had fairly strong roles to play. Mar Encyclopedia Britannica saying, “Abbott was a bully and a schemer, and Costello played the baby – like baby who was famous for phrases like ‘I’m a ba-aaad boy!’

Together, the two made films and the famous film “Who’s On First?” skit lives on as a great example of linguistic knowledge. They also have credit for helping to preserve vaudeville and burlesque tradition as entertainment made the leap to film.

While today they see their humor as old-fashioned and tame, they managed to make a big shower in their own day. In fact, both men were heavily investigated by the FBI.

Abbott was investigated on pornography allegations while Costello was turned in by an informant for having an extensive collection of pornographic films. Despite these obscene allegations and others involving mob ties, the men escaped with charges for these suspicious crimes and proceeded to continue their successful comedy career. .

Bud Abbott ran into a tax scandal

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Keystone / Getty Images

One legal situation was that it did not clean up Abbott ‘s tax problems so quickly. Mar The Los Angeles Times reports, Abbott was planning to retire to become a horse keeper. Costello decided to pursue a one-on-one career rather than taking on a different partner.

Unfortunately, Costello died just a few years later in 1959 after being hospitalized after an unexpected fall. He was only 52 years old and was buried near his young son who was tragically lost in a 1943 swimming pool accident.

Despite being the eldest of the couple – Abbott was born in 1895 while Costello was born in 1906 – Abbott fell out with his partner for several years. He died of cancer in 1974.

While his humorous legacy lives on to this day, he unfortunately did not enjoy the damage of his wealth. He was embroiled in an IRS dispute and sold almost all of his assets while trying to settle the costs. One of the most memorable and famous stars in entertainment has died almost penniless as a result of the tax scandal – a fascinating mistake that has since captured several stars.

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