Chuck Norris Was Blindsided By Ben Stiller In His ‘Dodgeball’ Shoutout

When Dodgeball: The True Story of an Underdog theaters hit in 2004, it was not expected to be as good. But the unexpected mix of comedy, chaos, and famous cameos seemed to have created some sort of magic, and to this day, it is a comedy classic.

Chuck Norris was one of those cameos, and his strong-willed character who appeared in such a hilarious film was a delight to the audience. But when the film came out, Norris saw something he never expected.

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Chuck Norris at a conference
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Little did anyone know when Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma in 1940 that he would grow up to be such an elegant example of violence. according to curriculum vitae, Norris described himself as a shy child who did not do well in school.

He was the eldest of three boys, and his father was an alcoholic. When his parents separated, his father abandoned his son. His mother took the children to live in California when Norris was 10 years old.

After high school, Norris joined the Air Force and was based in South Korea. It was there that he began to study martial arts.

After leaving the Air Force in 1962, Norris began working as a karate instructor, eventually opening more than 30 studios. He also led competitions, including the World Middle Karate Championships in 1968. He defended that title five times before retiring in 1974.

In the early 1970s, he began appearing in films, delighting audiences with his martial arts battles in films such as The Way of the Dragon and Good guys wear black. He moved into TV acting in 1993, taking part Walker, Texas Ranger, reinforcing his image as a man with very few words and quick justice. But not all of his acting careers were equally honorable.

‘Dodgeball’ was an unexpected film

In 2004, sports comedy became known as Dodgeball: The True Story of an Underdog came out. It was a satire of the sports film genre, and it was an unexpected sight.

according to Film School Applications, Dodgeball follow Peter (Vince Vaughn), who is scrambling to save his gym from White Goodman (Ben Stiller). If Peter can’t raise $ 50,000 in thirty days, his gym will be destroyed. He makes a dodgeball team unlike entering a contest to try to raise the money he needs.

Along the way, several guest stars appeared in the film. David Hasselhoff, Lance Armstrong, and William Shatner had cameos. It’s one of the other famous faces you’ll find Dodgeball and Norris. But his cameo did not go as planned.

Blind to Ben Stiller

Floss mind recounting when Norris was first talked about making a cameo in Dodgeball, he was not interested in it. His main complaint was that he didn’t want to drive three hours to get to the Long Beach-based movie.

To his credit, Stiller called to ask Norris in person, and offered him a helicopter ride, so he could catch the drive. Norris agreed, but he never read the whole script, just the scene in which he appeared.

But when the film hit the theaters, Norris finally saw the whole thing – including the last line, which surprised him.

“But in the end, when Ben is big fat and watching TV, the last line of the whole movie is,‘ F *** in ‘Chuck Norris!’, ’” Norris explained. “My mouth fell open here … I said, ‘Holy mackerel!’ That was a surprise, Ben didn’t tell me about it! ”

Apparently, Norris was able to take the line in good spirits. Considering his history and skill in martial arts, Stiller seems pleased that he did so.

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