Christie Brinkley’s DIY Beauty Secret Is an Unexpected Pet Care Product

Supermodel Christie Brinkley will always look very good. Like many stars, she is on some mysteries of unconventional beauty. Some stars bathe in wine or put a hemorrhoid cream under their eyes to get rid of dark circles or rugs.

Gwyneth Paltrow has made a business out of strange beauty mysteries. Her company, Goop, has been criticized for inciting suspicious results with no proven value. But the mystery of Brinkley’s beauty is something accessible to everyone and at an affordable price.

In fact, even though it is one of the strangest well-known beauty mysteries, dermatologists agree that it is worth it.

Christie Brinkley’s career began as a teenager

Christie Brinkley attends the 2017 NYC Sports Illustrated Swimsuit launch event
Christie Brinkley | Getty Images

Brinkley started modeling when she was just a teenager. She built a career for herself in the 1970s, and by the 1980s was a household name.

It has almost all the model credits that Brinkley has. She has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, not once, but three times in a row. She was a cover girl for an impressive 25 years. But Brinkley is more than just a model.

When she was married to rock icon Billy Joel in the 1980s and 1990s, she even appeared in her music video for “Uptown Girl. ”She has also announced a number of other acting credits.

Brinkley appeared in the popular sitcom Mad about you a few times, and she had a recycling role on it Parks and Recreation. Although her part was small, it was a memorable career.

But the sights for which she was famous did not come from anywhere. Like all celebs, Brinkley takes care of her body and skin to stay elegant.

Anyone can make the kitten trash mask according to Christie Brinkley’s statement

Brinkley is always asked what her secret is. Of course, she just doesn’t have one.

Brinkley has a healthy lifestyle, which is a big feature of how she keeps looking so young. She recommends that people get regular rest and exercise. It’s also important to take care of your skin, according to Brinkley. In 2007, she said she makes homemade skin masks with kitten rubbish.

While it may seem neutral, Brinkley’s kitten mask mask is approved by a dermatologist. Kitty scrub can work as an exfoliant, and exfoliating is good for the skin. In addition, if the mask is made from the right rubbish, it may contain some very impressive ingredients.

One website recommends using 100% natural bentonite clay waste with no added material. Bentonite clay is a type of volcanic ash, which means it is actually the only ingredient found in high-quality spa masks.

That said, skin care experts have been stepping away from physical exfoliants lately and have been pushing chemical ones.

Kitty’s trash isn’t the only thing that keeps Christie Brinkley young

Fans can buy a clay cat litter bag for under $ 20, but that doesn’t mean they’ll grow as good as Brinkley. She does a lot of other stuff to stay looking really good.

Brinkley gets regular rest and exercise regularly. She also has a healthy diet, and usually starts her day with a green smoothie. But Brinkley can’t stress the importance of good skin care. Fans may guess from her weird kitten trash mask that she has a hard time finding products that work for her.

Eventually Brinkley became so tired of trying to find the perfect skin care regimen with other people’s products that she went out and did it herself. Brinkley Christie started Brinkley Authentic Skincare so that everyone could use the skin care products she was making for herself.

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