Chrisette Michele’s Career Ended Because She Sang at a Presidential Inauguration

R&B singer Chrisette Michele’s life changed as a result of the inauguration of a president. The inauguration of a president is usually a time of joy and celebration. Actors and entertainers are passionate about the opportunity to showcase their skills on a national stage.

However, in January 2017, when Donald Trump officially entered the White House, many Americans, Blacks, Indigenous peoples, and people of color, in particular, were horrified. Michele’s choice to sing at the inauguration completed her career for several years.

Chrisette Michele
Chrisette Michele | Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Inside Chrisette Michele’s role

Michele began her career in the mid-2000s, singing backing vocals on rap records, including Jay-Z Com Kingdome and Nas’ Hip-Hop is dead. Her butchery voice immediately stood out to fans, so they came to her when she released her debut album in 2007, I am.

Her album saw great success on the albums, and she continued that success with the 2009 release of her sophomore album, Epiphany. The Grammy-nominated singer continued to release acclaimed music, including the ballad “Couple of Forevers.” She was also an even bigger listener when she appeared on Season 2 of VH1’s Divas R&B: Los Angeles.

Chrisette Michele was invited to the inauguration of President Trump

While there was a lot of excitement and negativity surrounding Michele’s decision to sing at Trump’s inauguration because of his astronomy and divided policies, the singer thought he would blow out at the eventually. It didn’t.

After so many shows and entertainment of refusing to play or revealing the establishment, Michele decided to take the plunge. She said The Washington Post that she thought she could “be a bridge” to the country that was still reeling after Trump’s election.

Chrisette Michele’s career ended with her singing at the beginning of Trump’s debut

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for Michele as she would have hoped. The Black community, which is largely a fan of her, feared that she would choose to identify someone who had been so hateful and racist.

Her decision was a slap in the face, and then her career took a complete turn. Fans of the R&B singer felt uneasy. The backlash in the media was swift. Spike Lee even wrote her song “Black Girl Magic” from his Netflix series, She has Gotta. “They didn’t feel represented at that time. They felt misrepresented, ”she said The Washington Post. “They felt they were no longer understood, and they felt betrayed by the person they were responsible for speaking on their behalf. ”

After her performance, Michele suffered greatly. She received horrific death threats, miscarriage, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, lost a contract, and radio stations refused to play her music.

These days the Divas R&B: Los Angeles alum is getting back into singing, but it’s not the same at all. “While I felt like people took so much away from me in those two years, I’m more grateful to finally have time to look at the last 12 years,” she said in a statement. 2019. “And I think that’s the clear side… I want people to know that it’s okay to expect more from me.”

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