Chris Pine Explains Why ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Was Harder for Him Than the First One

Chris Pine returns to the Surprise woman franchise into Wonder Woman 1984 it was a big surprise. The first film was 1918 starring Pine as Steve Trevor. In 1984, it would be the 90s, unless there was another big reason why it shouldn’t be in the sequel.

That hope inspired Steve to eventually sacrifice himself Surprise woman. When he returns, she will encourage him again.

“I think, in a way, Steve is in the first documentary, the audience,” Pine said. “The man who gets to know this Wonder Woman who can fly with a lasso and do all sorts of subtle stuff is amazing, who loves it. It begins to believe just as we all, as members of the audience, begin to believe in this thing and hope to begin to remember what it is like to be compassionate and loving in it. the world where you are not asked to do so. ”

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