Chris Jericho Didn’t Know He Was Going to Beat The Rock and Steve Austin Until the Night of the Match

Chris Jericho has been carrageenan for 30 years. In those decades he has played with independent leagues, the now useless ECW and WCW, WWE and now AEW. Jericho appeared on the record of Michael Rosenbaum Inside you podcast on January 5 where he poured the mysteries behind the scenes of one of his legendary beats against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Steve Austin.

Chris Jericho defeated The Rock and Steve Austin on the same night

The 2001 Vengeance a pay-per-view event was a landmark for Jericho and the WWE, still known as the WWF. Jericho defeated The Rock for the World Championship, then defeated Steve Austin for the WWF Tournament. This was the first time a keeper had won both titles at the same time.

Titles Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho | Ron Bull / Toronto Star via Getty Images

Some boys will sit there for six hours and put sh * t together. Not me, dude. We have 20 minutes, we are done. Then we think about it for a bit, come back and maybe add another stuff and change a few things but there is no reason to be there for six hours. You can’t imagine within six hours that you can’t think in 20 minutes if you have a little preparation in your head… We may change something in the ring at the game. That’s fine too but it should never take hours and hours to put something together.

Chris Jericho, Inside you podcast, 1/5/21

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