Cheryl Burke Feels Like ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Isn’t the Same Because of This Judge, Considers Retiring

Cheryl Burke has been a professional dancer on it Dancing with the stars from season 2. Recently, there have been rumors about Burke’s ability to retire. After she and her Backstreet Boy partner AJ McLean were sacked for the 29th season, Burke opened up about the inequality she feels about DWTS and not knowing her place on the show.

Cheryl Burke and AJ McLean
Cheryl Burke & AJ McLean | Eric McCandless / ABC through Getty Images

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke are out of running for the Mirror Ball

During “Night Icons,” each Dancing with the stars the competitor had to perform two dances. Burke and McLean danced the Viennese Waltz to “Somebody To Love,” the Queen and returned to Jive dancing against Johnny Weir and his partner, Britt Stewart.

While Maclean won the dance part of the show, there were a few miles wrong with his Viennese Waltz. In the end, Burke and McLean were in the bottom two. The judges chose to save Skai Jackson and her partner, Alan Bersten, who will dance in the semi-finals of season 29 next week.

AJ McLean admits working on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Speaking of the blunders in their dance at “Icons Night,” McLean and Burke talked about the dance taken. Ironically, the missteps were in the introduction of the dance. But it had all the content needed for Viennese Waltz.

“We ended a strong freaking,” McLean said duringHow difficult was that?”Program of the Pretty Messed Up podcast.

As Burke explained to MacLean, there is some confusion about how the Dancing with the stars competition is now set against how things during Burke’s early years were presented.

Is Cheryl Burke retiring from ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

For the Pretty Messed Up podcast, Burke has been considering retiring DWTS.

“People are asking if I’m retiring,” she said. “It’s not so much about the show or me getting older with this fear that AJ has expressed. Is it about this show that I have yet to submit? ”

Burke is a ballroom dancer. She never went to an acting art school to study jazz or ballet. At this point, she feels that the show is less focused on ballroom dancing, which is what Burke is an expert on.

“Inside the ballroom world and inside the show and how the show was – for at least the first decade – it was about ballroom, ”Burke continued. “With that comes a different kind of innovation and curriculum – how we can’t keep up with the pace [or] tango. We need to be in the right frame. We need to take special steps. ”

Burke feels it Dancing with the stars it’s not the same without chief judge Len Goodman. She explained how he was the man who would make mistakes within dance, no matter who the competitor was.

Cheryl Burke feels like ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is unfair without Len Goodman

With Goodman gone and professional dancer Derek Hough in his place, Burke feels the judges are missing something this season.

“I wonder if I can look at other people’s steps, [the judging is] very different, ”said Burke. “[Other couples] break a grip, and then they come back. I had no idea – when did the rules change? Basically, we get punished for staying in a grip and not generating as much energy, but then people are praised for breaking a grip. ”

Burke admitted that Hough is doing a good job as a judge this season. However, she feels that there is something unfair without Goodman around.

Cheryl Burke feels uncertain about her place on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

With the recent changes in the way dances are judged, Burke admitted that he felt confused about her purpose in the competition.

“I don’t know where my place is on display anymore,” Burke concluded.

Maclean marked how, technically, after they went wrong in the beginning, they started their Viennese Waltz. Burke felt like the judges were focusing too much on McLean’s intro, which he called “the sauce in addition to the taco,” instead of the Vienesse Waltz content.

“You made a mess,” said Burke. “[But] they should give you nine. Carrie Ann [Inaba’s] seven put the nail in the chest. ”

At this point, it is unclear whether Burke will actually retire Dancing with the stars. However, she feels that she should allow a younger dancer with more experience in other types of dances to shine.

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