Chelsea Handler’s Least Favorite Late Night Guest Is a ‘Pain in the A**’ Star

Chelsea handler she is an actress and comedian, known to fans for her ability to write humorous, thoughtful one-lines. She has held a number of talk shows over the past decade, including popular Chelsea Recently air E!

These days, Handler works as a political advocate, often posting on social media. She also recently released her latest special album HBO Max, confirming that she is in a state of entertainment. Handler will never hold back her thoughts and ideas, and in a 2014 interview, the comedian opened up about the worst guest she has ever welcomed to the set of Chelsea Recently.

What is most famous for Chelsea Handler?

Chelsea Handler will attend the premiere of “Atomic Blonde” at the Theater at the Ace Hotel on July 24, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Chelsea Handler Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Handler was born in 1975 and raised in a large family, and moved to California when she was nineteen to pursue a career in comedy. Handler gained early recognition for her work in the TV series Girls behaving badly.

However, it was a few more years before Handler made it big, even as she worked in comedy clubs around California. In early 2006, Handler began hosting the TV series Chelsea Handler Show air E! This started her long-term connection to the network, as Handler would go on to host the show. Chelsea Recently, first seen in 2007.

Forward Chelsea Recently, Handler would start each show by doing a standup routine, before introducing the round panel of guests, usually made up of other actors like Heather McDonald, Jo Koy, and Whitney Cummings.

After a brief discussion about the week’s news, Handler would often interview a celebrity guest. Over the years, Handler has interviewed a wide variety of guests, from Lindsay Lohan to members of the Kardashian family. However, a few guests, in particular, stood out – and in a 2014 interview, Handler opened up about her favorite of those guests.

Chelsea Handler reveals Russell Brand as ‘Chelsea Lately’ favorite guest

In a 2014 interview with Grazia Iris, Chelsea Handler revealed that English actress and comedian Russell Brand is her favorite guest Chelsea Recently. ”Russell Brand was the only person in pain in the **. I would never want it back, ”said Handler. “He stopped all of our production records because he needed three espressos before he could even come forward for the interview. ”

After beating Brand as her worst guest in show history, she also admitted that she has little interest in the Kardashians and was ready to do things a little differently in her next television campaign.

Who is Russell Brand?

Handler may not be the only one who has a lot to say about Russell Brand. Over the years, the English-born comedian has made headlines several times.

Early in his career, Brand became popular after careers in films such as Get it to Greece, forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The temple. His short-lived marriage to Katy Perry brought media attention – but after their separation, Brand ‘s career took hold.

In 2013, he was thrown out of an awards ceremony after reportedly mimicking Nazi march across the stage. He has also been criticized for being open about his alleged sexual and pornographic addiction, and for making false calls to the police.

These days, Brand has a slightly lower life, although it is still active in the entertainment industry through a podcast it hosts. However, it seems safe to say that Brand will not be collaborating with Chelsea Handler on any projects any time soon.

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