Cazzie David Had a Surprising Reaction To Pete Davidson’s Engagement To Ariana Grande

In her new book of essays, No one asked for this, Cazzie David remembers being uncontrollably shaken and then “screaming in harassment” after discovering that his girlfriend, Pete Davidson, was dating him pop princess Ariana Grande.

While the news of their new romance was hard to turn around, surprisingly, David didn’t have the same response when he heard about the couple’s engagement.

Cazzie David, Pete Davidson, and Ariana Grande
Cazzie David, Pete Davidson, and Ariana Grande Jimi Celeste / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images; Kevin Mazur / WireImage

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande joined in 2018

Like many famous relationships, David and Davidson’s romance was short-lived.

The couple began dating back in 2016. Although they kept much of their relationship out of the public eye, David and Davidson attended a few A-listed events together, including Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe in 2016 and MTV Video Music Awards 2017.

Pete Davidson and Cazzie David
Pete Davidson and Cazzie David John Shearer / Getty Photos for MTV

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From an outside perspective, things seemed to be going well between David and Davidson. However, they had matters, and eventually the pair called for a resignation in May 2018.

Just days after they broke, which happened over a text, the Saturday Night Live comedy was seen becoming comfortable with Ariana Grande. A few weeks later, Davidson and Grande got involved.

David describes her acceptance of the promise

In her new book of essays, No one asked for this, David states that she learned about how she got involved at the end of her family trip to South Africa.

As she was preparing to board a 16-hour flight back home, David received a phone call from her manager, who broke the news of the proposal to her.

While she notes that this new news about acceptance and relief has been accompanied by this news, David states that she has not had an emotional response about getting involved before.

“She told me they were involved,” she writes, each Weekly Us. “And I laughed.”

Despite her comments, David admits it was not easy to deal with

Although Davidson’s swift proposal to Grande was unsuccessful, David admits that it was not yet an easy situation to deal with.

After Davidson and Grande went public with their relationship, David became a target for social media bullies, who would often compare her to the “7 Rings” player.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

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“They really wanted to make sure I knew I was inferior to her in every way, which is unusual because, like, how silly you have to be. think I wouldn’t be aware of that at the moment? David wrote.

Although she tried her best not to let the comments get to her, David says, “I can’t get the comparisons out of my head. I know you shouldn’t compare yourself to other women, blah-blah-blah, but how could I not f * ck when other people were? ”

While dealing with challenging Arianators for her, David points out that an attack on social media was not the only thing that made the situation difficult.

She notes that seeing all the attention that Davidson and Grande’s romance was getting she didn’t want to be “waking up for years, but even years it didn’t seem like there would be time to enough in feeling normal. ”

She continued, “Waking up would never be my first choice. I don’t know, I really think wanting to die is the only thing you can feel as a result of watching the whole world of people who give so much. pain for you at the same time. “

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