Carrie Fisher Was Once Engaged to This ‘Saturday Night Live’ Alumnus

So much of Carrie Fisher ‘s legacy is tied to her role as Leia Organa in the Star Wars saga. But Fisher – who died in 2016 – gave Hollywood far more than playing half of the Skywalker duo. Of course, there is a lot about the actor and writer of many Star Wars fans might not know. For example, Fisher was once involved in a ball of Saturday Night Livethe original cast.

Carrie Fisher in 1980
Carrie Fisher in 1980 | Express / Archive Getty photos / images

Carrie Fisher had a complex, interesting life

Her honor is undoubtedly a side of Fisher’s real-life charm. Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the water) and singer Eddie Fisher, was already born in the entertainment industry. And after making her first film in the 1975’s Shampoo, Fisher came into his bankruptcy just two years later when George Lucas introduced her Star Wars.

Throughout her life, Fisher battled both mental illness and substance abuse. And instead of keeping her personal problems quiet, she eventually made herself a candidate for consciousness. Similarly, her love life became another topic Fisher would ponder in public, including the 2016 revelation that she and Harrison Ford had a relationship with the Star Wars set.

Carrie Fisher went on to have a baby with talent surrogate Bryan Lourd

Although most people know her in particular Star Wars, Fisher also left a very different legacy. From 1991 to 1994, she dated talent producer Bryan Lourd. And halfway through that relationship, the couple welcomed a girl: Billie Lourd. Like her mother, Lourd has committed to an acting career, making her film debut in Star Wars: The army is waking up.

Lourd continued as Lieutenant Connix in all three applications in the Star Wars follow – up trilogy. And she delivered special shows in the Fox TV series Scream Queens and successful film 2019 Booklet. And in September 2020, Lourd gave birth to her own child with the Austen Rydell festival, the son of Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell.

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