Carrie Fisher Wanted To Get Back Together With Harrison Ford Months Before Her Death: ‘We’re Going To Have To Do It Soon’

In memory of Carrie Fisher with the title Princess Diarist, she talked about her relationship with Harrison Ford. When you were first filming Star Wars film, they shared a short romance that left Fisher fascinated by his co-star. Towards the end of her memory, she made an offer to Ford, saying there was still a chance to “grow old together.” She said that while her hopes were not high about their renamed romance, it was worth “a great effort. ”

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford
Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford LMPC / Getty Images

Carrie Fisher said she fell in love with Harrison Ford while they were involved

In Princess Diarist, Fisher poured her heart and soul into the pages, revealing her true feelings for Ford. As it turned out, Han and Leia weren’t the only people falling in love in the Star Wars hemisphere. The actors who portrayed them had their own romance behind the scenes. But according to Fisher, it was “unrequited love.” That is, she fell in love with Ford while he was just looking for a “good time.”

In a heartfelt passage from Fisher’s memoir (published just a month before she died,) she made an offer aimed at her former co-star. Fisher said there was still time for “Carrison” to grow old together. And while it was complicated, it felt as if it was “really” worth the effort.

“So while there is still time for Carrison to grow old together, that gate is constantly closing,” she wrote. “If we are going to get back together, we have to do it soon. And getting back together with someone you’ve never really had is hard to say. But it is totally worth the effort. Or not. I may regret writing this, but if you are forcing me to come to me, please do not. From time to time, I feel guilty enough on my own. My hopes are not high, and neither am I. ”

Mark Hamill had no idea about Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford’s relationship

When asked if Hamill was aware of Fisher and Ford’s relationship, he admitted that he had “no opinion,” saying he was glad he didn’t know. If he got back then, Hamill admits he would be crushed.

“Marcia [Lucas, Star Wars‘ editor, and George Lucas’s then wife] I told him after we finished filming, ”said Hamill The Keeper in 2017. “I’m glad I didn’t know before, because it might have impressed me. By the time I found out, I was just thinking it was hilarious. But you know men – even if we don’t want to be friends, it’s just in our nature to make fun of respect, ”he says.

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