Carol Burnett’s Chat With Marlon Brando Had Her ‘In Heaven and Hell at the Same Time’

Regarded as one of the funniest women in television, Carol Burnett has a long and strong career in entertainment. On her talent in musical theater, she became a Broadway star before starting a new home on TV, finally putting on her hit show.

By the end of the 1960s, Carol Burnett Exhibition it allowed the multi-talented actor to shine – and capture the attention of millions. Burnett counted Hollywood images such as Lucille Ball and Joan Crawford as fans, and she also learned that Marlon Brando was a great admirer of her work. But when she met the legendary actress jokingly there was “sweating” and “hell. ”

Carol Burnett and Marlon Brando
Carol Burnett | Michael Kovac / Getty Photos for Moet & Chandon; Marlon Brando at Santa Monica Civic Theater | Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Carol Burnett received an unexpected phone call from Marlon Brando

Brando had a reputation for calling random people he had never met. They would get a kick out of it because they weren’t sure how he got their contact information, and because they would be surprised he knew about them. That was the case with Burnett.

She remembered the moment in memory, This time together, when she got a word Brando wanted to talk to her. Burnett lived in New York in the ’80s at the Wyndham Hotel, a place famous for hosting Broadway actors and its switchboard telephone system that had a single operator.

Burnett returned to the hotel after a day out and thought it was a joke that she had received a message from Marlon Brando calling him. She didn’t know him! She went to her room and immediately called.

Brando answered on the first ring and wanted to find out where she got her chin. “My chin?” she wrote. He explained that he had read about Burnett’s experience in People and wanted the name of her doctor. His sister-in-law wanted to get a procedure.

Burnett leaked the information but it was still a surprise that she was talking to Brando. He kept talking. “Suddenly, I was persuaded to go to the bathroom. I gave him the necessary information, ”she wrote. “But I had to pee too.”

Burnett’s conversation followed… slowly

Brando asked Burnett about her TV show, asking real questions about her experience working on it, the suits (like the one in it). I went with the wind bit), and comedy in general. They chatted away.

“I couldn’t believe it. Marlon Brando was asking me about comedy strategy, ”Burnett wrote. “I stood up and started packing around the bottom of the bed. By this time I was holding out. My poor shed was praying, claiming for relief, ”she recalled.

But she felt honored to talk to him and didn’t want to hang up or drag the phone into the bathroom to go into secrecy. Burnett called him “gargantuan” and once had something to say to his grandchildren.

It wasn’t long before they started talking about childhood, and Burnett told Brando about the memoir she was writing, and he spoke truthfully about his life. She realized they had been on the phone for over an hour.

“Here he was opening up to me, asking me those questions, and I had to pee, ”She said. “The time has passed slowly. I was in heaven and hell at the same time, ”Burnett wrote with a laugh.

She eventually worked up the zero to wake up the conversation but did so by telling Brando that she was expecting a phone call from her daughter. He thanked her for speaking with him, and Burnett ended their speech by saying, “Thank you you! And I hope it works out with your sister-in-law’s chin. ”She went to the bathroom just in time.

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