Cardi B Says She’s ‘Never Satisfied’

The entertainment industry is full of self-made people. However, no one has a story as colorful as Cardi B. The Bronx-born rapper has exploded the scene in the last few years, making him one of the most talk about the planet.

The 28-year-old was an exotic dancer coming out of high school trying to save money to go to college. Her larger-than-life personality allowed her to make a name for herself, and she eventually landed on the hit reality series, Love & Hip-Hip: New York. However, reality TV was not where Cardi wanted to stay.

Investing in herself, Cardi pushed out her mixtape and her single “Bodack Yellow,” and the rest is in history. Now, just a few years later, a Grammy Award winner has done almost everything. From seeing great success to collaborating with big brands like Reebok and attending various events.

However, despite her accomplishments, Cardi says she is never satisfied.

Cardi B.
Cardi B | ommaso Boddi / Getty Images for Fashion Nova

Cardi B is extremely ambitious

When you don’t come from many and wind up on top of the world, that doesn’t come out of the blue. No matter what personal feelings one has about the Attack on privacy rapper are, it’s no secret that she’s done a great job.

Cardi is always planning her next move because she knows what it’s like to be without anything. “I am such an ambitious person,” she explained Foot news. “I feel like I’ve lost so much. Now that I’m winning, it feels very appealing, ”

But still, Cardi’s ambition and the pressure of the industry have been overwhelming at times.

Cardi B feels a lot of pressure in the music industry

While Cardi learned to listen to her voice and coax trolls and haters, she admits that the demands of the industry sometimes get to her.

“All the while people were making rumors like, ‘Oh she’s having problems with her label,’ ‘Her label is sheltering her,’ ‘Her label is tired of her and they’re getting more talent. female, ‘”Cardi said in an interview with SiriusXM Radio. “Apparently, no, they were never tired of me. Labels, they want you to put out music. That is what they love. They want you to put out music all the time, all the time. “

Cardi says she realized she had to take a step back and listen to her instincts, even if it would take her longer to put out music and projects. “That kind of sh * t started coming to me, but apparently, I’m not letting that come to me to the extent that I’m going to put out a song that I’m not really in. a relationship with him, ”i explained.

Cardi B is never satisfied

While she aims to put out work on her own terms and listen to her voice, Cardi revealed that she is rarely satisfied. Instead, she’s always looking to push it further. She said Foot news,

I always ask if I am going to be satisfied. I’m tough on my whole team. We don’t focus on anyone else, we just focus on our last one – the last music video, the last collaboration, we always compare it to the level about our end. We want to do better and better. When I do something positive and see my things sell out or my record does well enough, I get this deceptive sense of joy, but then the ashes are awesome this makes me want more [and] wanting more.

Cardi’s hard work and drive seems to pay off in key ways.

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