Cam Newton is Missing $1 Million From His Bank Account Because of Bill Belichick

For Cam Newton, signing with the Patriots New England it allowed him to revive his NFL career. But the one that was before Carolina Panthers a star hasn’t looked impressive in his (and probably only) first year at Foxborough.

Yes, Newton has remained largely healthy outside its COVID-19 setting and a recent abdominal issue. However, the 31-year-old has struggled to make regular appearances in the passing game.

Newton supporters point the Patriots ’poor offense staff as a way to explain the quarterback’s struggle. And of course, Bill Belichick has control over every aspect of what goes with the roster.

And because of that, he is the one who deserves the ultimate blame for Newton missing an extra $ 1 million in his bank account.

Bill Belichick failed to rebuild New England offense

As the man in charge, Bill Belichick deserves the full blame for putting Cam Newton in a failing position. Because of his mistakes as a GM, the Patriots’ total lack of firepower has criminalized not only the postseason cost of the franchise but also caused Newton an additional $ 1 million in his bank account .

The No. 1 original pick carries a $ 1.05 million base salary for 2020. However, his one-year contract also includes incentives and bonuses.

While Newton won’t collect a total of $ 700,000 in roster bonuses per game because he lost a game because of COVID-19, he will collect a much larger check for hitting playtime incentives.

Assuming he remains the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, Newton should hit the 80% mark that will trigger a $ 2 million bonus.

However, a postseason site raised that figure to $ 3 million.

But thanks to Belichick’s inability to pick up a playoff-caliber offense – or even just a league average – the Patriots won’t even have a chance to compete for the Lombardi Cup in January.

And unfortunately for Cam Newton, his bank account will have $ 1 million less than it should because of that.

All statistics courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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