BTS’s Suga Stopped Believing in Santa Claus After This 1 Funny Experience

Many adults who celebrated Christmas as children believed in Santa Claus at some point. However, they also have stories about when they realized that Santa Claus was not real. BTSThe rapper Suga had also had such an experience as a child. Discover how he came to learn that Santa Claus was not the one who gave him gifts in those years.

Suga BTS
Suga BTS | Steve Ferdman / Getty Images for Elvis Duran

Suga appeared at BTS when he stopped believing in Santa Claus

In June 2019, BTS set up a video in honor of their first anniversary. In the video, the members ate together and answered questions about themselves. One such question was about gifts they received that were so memorable.

Suga shared a gift he received when he was 4th level. At the time, he wanted a gift of a Pokémon character, and apparently asked for it at Christmas time.

“I couldn’t sleep because I was excited for Santa Claus,” Suga recalled. “I decided to sleep while I waited. ”

What happened next left a strong impression on Suga. He said, “I noticed something moving, and it was my father who was leaving the present at my bedside. When I opened my eyes, our eyes met. That’s when I knew Santa Claus didn’t exist. ”

RM said that Suga had lost “the innocence of her youth” at the time.

Jin revealed that he never believed in Santa Claus

BTS are not religious, but often take part in Christmas-themed events and give fans nice reminders about the holiday season.

The first Christmas they celebrated with ARMY was in 2013 – six months after they stopped. according to Koreaboo, the group held a story time event, made several social media posts about Christmas, and released a Christmas-themed music video with other artists under Big Hit Entertainment.

Ever since BTS became internationally popular, their fan-celebrating Christmas celebrations have also garnered them international acclaim. For example, in 2017, BTS played “Hot holidays or not” with Radio Disney, where they shared their thoughts on various holiday-related things like decorating for Christmas in November and donating money as presents.

This year, the group took part An Disney Holiday Singalong along with other celebrities like Katy Perry and Michael Bublé. BTS performed the classic Christmas event “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.”

Meanwhile, two BTS members recently released holiday songs: Jimin released a song called “Chrismas Love” while V released a song called “ Snow Flower.

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