BTS’s Suga Felt ‘Frustrated’ Watching His Members Work Without Him After His Recent Surgery

Members of the BTS has been working side by side for over seven years. However, rapper Suga recently had to take a break from taking action with his members due to surgery. While some people would see the hiatus as a worthy surplus, Suga admitted that she felt more “exhausted” when she watched the rest of BTS work without it.

BTS Suga
Suga BTS | Steve Ferdman / Getty Images for Elvis Duran

Suga underwent shoulder surgery in November

In early November 2020, Big Hit Entertainment shared with fans that Suga underwent surgery to resolve a shoulder problem.

The company said on their Weverse platform, “Suga underwent surgery to repair her shoulder labrum on November 3rd. The surgery, to address a problem that has always been a health and wellness issue for Suga, has been successfully completed, and he is currently taking a break. and recovering from following his doctor’s advice that SUGA must go through a tight period without hindrance. ”

According to Jimin, who spoke to fans about Suga’s revival in a live stream on Nov. 11, BTS rapper surgery was expected to improve his health and allow him to continue performing for a long time to come.

Suga was ‘frustrated’ that he had to take a break from work

While Suga was largely away from BTS activity in November and December, he appeared at a live New Year’s Eve event. There, Suga surprised fans with a heartwarming speech about the past and the future.

“I often wonder if I would be a better person today, if I had met the old man. Maybe it’s like a dream. But that’s how we dream of meeting the old days, ”he said, according to Elite Daily. “On the way we’ve walked so far, there are countless answers and mistakes, and endless questions we raised at night.”

He continued, referring to Big Hit CEO Bang Si-Hyuk, “And now here’s a guy who’s been answering all these questions. He told us to forget those who laughed at our dreams. That we are all walking towards answering indelible questions. So that we are not alone since we walk together. Not to get sick again. ”

It is not yet clear when Suga will officially return to work with BTS again, but it was reported that he was spotted on a commercial set in late December. Many fans believe that this means that some activities may be able to resume sooner than expected.

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