BTS’s Stalker Fans Love to Follow Them on to Planes Because It’s Where They Are ‘Vulnerable’ and ‘Can’t Escape’

Like many famous people, BTS there are enthusiastic fans who support them in positive ways and others whose obsession turns the artist’s relationship into a dark one. The group always treats the so-called “sasaeng” fans in the world of K-pop, which refers to stalker fans who go to great lengths to attack bring the privacy of idols.

These sasaengtry will have to get close to BTS in a number of ways, but one popular way is to catch the same flights as them. This is particularly appealing to sasaeng because BTS is seen as “vulnerable” and “unable to escape” when on a plane.

BTS | Amy Sussman / Getty Images

A sasaeng fan previously shared that she used flights to get close to BTS

In February 2019, a social media personality named Sherliza Moé posted a video of her interview with former sasaeng BTS. In the interview, the sasaeng – who chose to remain anonymous – described a number of activities in which she and her partner sasaeng participated, including buying and selling BTS personal information and private photos.

Speaking of the “worst” thing she ever did, the sasaeng said the same flights to BTS came to mind. She then described what happens when sasaeng fans find themselves and BTS on the same plane.

“Well it depends on the size of the plane, the number of sasaeng fans, the level of managers and security, and most importantly, the flight time,” the sasaeng said. “If there is enough time and the plane is smaller in size, sasaengs have a better chance of getting into the business or first class for private photography. If it’s a big plane with hundreds of passengers it’s much harder to find the boys without catching them. ”

Sasaeng fans like to be on the same flights as BTS for scary reasons

BTS members have spoken out against sasaeng several times. In particular, V once shared how “scary” it is for his group when sasaeng is always trying to board the same flights as them.

“I should speak on behalf of our team,” he told her live stream in December 2019. “You know how today we board planes on our own? We fly on private flights [now]. We want to fly on commercial flights, but every time we fly long or short distances, there are people who know about our flights and will sit in front or just to on the side. ”

V pointed out that this makes him and the members of his group “uncomfortable” and that he finds it “scary.”

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