BTS’s Jungkook Once Gave a Clever Answer to a Fan’s Marriage Proposal

BTS one of the largest organizations in the world right now, and its members have respectables everywhere. Some fans also push BTS members and dream that they will get married someday. In one case, a fan suggested marrying Jungkook, and the youngest member responded wisely.

Jungkook at BTS
Jungkook BTS | Steve Ferdman / Getty Images for Elvis Duran

What Jungkook said when a fan suggested it

During a live stream in June 2019, a fan told Jungkook, “Marry Me,” in the comments section. Jungkook and BTS members receive many love-filled messages from fans during live streams, though he decided to respond to this one.

“If you want to marry me,” Jungkook said, “we would need paper. We need to meet each other’s parents. Let’s meet the family. “

Jungkook once said he wanted to get married at the age of 100

In general, BTS responses about members ’love lives do not provide meaningful answers. It can be a fun topic for some fans, so K-pop stars like BTS usually don’t share much about what’s going on in the romance segment for them, even if venues American news sometimes strange.

For example, in the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, members were asked why they did not take girls with them and whether they were “looking” for participants.

However, RM decided to shift the focus to their fans. “We got ARMYs,” he said. “We got, like, thousands of lovers here today.”

Recently, this topic was raised in an interview with Esquire. When asked if they were going back, the group reportedly said “no.” Jungkook also said that they have other priorities at the moment, saying, “The most important thing for us now is sleep.”

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