BTS’s Jungkook Is Good at Everything and It Could Be Due to 1 Personality Trait

That is no secret BTS has a talented background. Members have spent years developing their skills in singing, rapping, and dancing. Of course, they are amazing in other areas as well.

The youngest member, Jungkook, is particularly famous for having many different talents. Some people may be wondering how Jungkook can have so many talents, and it all seems to come down to one personality traction he has.

Jungkook at BTS
Jungkook BTS | Fury / Getty rich images for iHeartMedia

Jungkook is called the ‘Golden Maknae’ because he has so many talents

Jungkook has gained a few nicknames over the years, one of which is “Golden Maknae”. The word “maknae” is a Korean word that refers to anyone younger than a group, such as family, a band, a group of friends, etc. Jungkook is a “Golden Maknae” because he excels at everything.

In BTS, Jungkook is one of the leading dancers and singers. Plus, he’s known to have rap talents as well.

Jungkook has also shown that he is very good at sports and various games. On their reality show Run BTS!, the members like to compete against each other, and interestingly, Jungkook often comes to the fore.

Fans may know that Jungkook is a talented filmmaker as well. He has filmed and edited some behind-the-scenes videos of BTS, and even directed their music video for the song “Life Goes On.”

Jungkook’s personality character helps him to acquire new skills

Many people might be happy to have the nickname “Golden Maknae,” but Jungkook admits he feels more burdened than anything.

“I envy the image people have of me,” he said on the fifth program of the BTS documentary series. Break the silence, According to PinkVilla. “People call me the Golden Maknae, but that’s not how I feel, so I have to try harder to make me appear like that. After all that time since I started, I finally think I’m trying really hard. ”

Jungkook also shared during BTS anniversary celebration in 2019 that he believes his stage personality is “shining brightly” while life is actually more “unimportant”.

No matter how Jungkook sees himself, it is clear that there are many fans who respect and value him for who he is.

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