BTS’s Jungkook Had an Insightful Response When a Fan Asked If He Believed in Destiny

Many people are fascinated by the concept of destiny. That is why many films have been made around the world about unknown forces that take control of human lives.

A fan once asked Jungkook at BTS about this topic. The fan was curious to know if he believed in a poem, and Jungkook gave a visual response.

BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook | THE FACT / Imazins through Getty Images

What Jungkook said when a fan asked him about the poem

In June 2019, a live stream in a hotel room, and a fan asked him, “Do you believe in fate?”

Jungkook revealed that he does and shares his reasoning, saying, “To be honest, I think a person ‘s life is planned out. ”

“First of all, I have had a lot of déjà vu dreams,” he said. “They are not blurry at all. What I see in dreams, I see in real life. I’m not lying; I’m telling you the truth … It’s happened to me many times. “

He added, “I think a person ‘s life is planned out because… for example, when you do something, in that moment you may be thinking,’ The can I change my future? ‘Then you work differently from what you were going to do. But when you change your move, that was already planned out. ”

Moreover, Jungkook admitted that he believes his future is “set.”

A fortune-teller spoke on the future of Jungkook

Suga is another person in BTS who also seems to believe in fate. In the BTS document series Break the silence, Suga shared that BTS members respond so well to each other, it is hard for him not to believe that they intended to be together in some way.

“Even if I had put together a team myself,” he said Koreaboo. “It wouldn’t have worked out so well.”

He said, “When you travel, there are some people you will be traveling with from the beginning, and some you will meet along the way. I think all the reasons would be different. Whether it was done voluntarily or not, we started our journey together … ‘Could there have been a better game? We must expect to meet. ‘I think so.’

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