BTS: These 2 Members Fight the Most in the Group

The BTS members seem to be getting on well. Fans who watch their many videos will find that they often make each other laugh and have enjoyable conversations. Not surprisingly, BTS has been able to live together for over seven years.

However, even in the closest families, conflict can still occur. And in BTS, there are two members who seem to fight more often than others.

BTS | Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for the Recording Academy

V and Jimin seem to be the biggest fight in BTS

V and Jimin are friends of the same age who went to the same high school together. However, despite their similarities, the two are known to have gone against many.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Suga revealed that V and Jimin are the biggest fighters in the group. However, V disagreed, saying, “We haven’t fought in three years!”

No matter how often they fight now, their history of fighting seems to have made V and Jimin’s relationship famous.

V and Jimin were once fighting about dumplings

During the live stream, Jimin also revealed that he and V were fighting against “everything. ”For example, he would go mad if he looked at his diet and V ate next to him. They also had arguments when one person woke up late.

Eventually, Jimin and V came to spend more time together, which allowed them to grow closer.

“When we have a hard time, we talked a lot together,” Jimin said. “It took us a long time to change … maybe about 4 and a half years since we started. Since then, when we say something like ‘Why don’t you do it like this?’, We started responding with ‘Okay. ‘At some point, we started to do that naturally. We started saying ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ to each other. ”

Jimin also admitted that he now values ​​V because they are both the same age in BTS, which is a special thing they have together.

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