Bruce Willis Revealed the Secret Ingredient To His Relationship With Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have been named “Hollywood’s hottest couple.” “Their marriage lasted for more than a decade, (which could be life by Hollywood standards.)

And with Willis and Moore being the most successful actors in Hollywood at the time, he seemed like the last couple of power.

But how did they make their marriage last so long? Willis pours out the secret ingredients that kept their relationship alive for all those years.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Ted Soqui / Sygma tro Getty Images

How did Bruce Willis and Demi Moore meet?

Willis and Moore met at the first screening of the film in 1987, Stakeout. Luckily enough, they were both on dates with other people that night. But even though they reached the event with others, Willis could not take his eyes off Moore all night.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, circa 1995
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, circa 1995 | LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

In a 1991 interview with Vanity Fair, Willis opened up about his marriage to Moore. He said the reason they worked as well as a couple was because they were all willing to work on it.

He said,

“We both still care to do the work it takes to turn this little garden into a ditch. We learned how to be each other’s best friend. Sometimes that ‘s more important than being someone’ s husband or wife. . . to honor each other that most of the time goes out the window in a marriage. ”

Willis also admits that he fell in love with Moore before he even met her.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis in 1995
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis in 1995 | Patrice PICOT / Gamma-Rapho through Getty Images

“This is her face,” he said, recalling the first time he had glanced at Moore. “I fell in love before I even spoke to her. She’s just a very charming girl. The girl you saw inside Ghost that is what I fell in love with. She is so open and honest and not afraid to be vulnerable. “

Demi Moore said Bruce Willis was willing to wait for her

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Gamma-Rapho through Getty Images

In the same way, Moore reveals the moment she knew Willis was “the one.”

She tells Vanity Fair,

“Most of the men, I found, were playing games, like ‘I’m not going to let you know I like you, baby. ‘But it was just out who he was. I had to be loved and captured. Bruce wanted to feed me as much as I wanted to feed him. ”

She said, ‘When I pushed him away, he said,’ All right, I’ll stay. ‘ I was thinking, ‘Wow. This is a completely different kind of person I’m dealing with. ‘”

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