Britney Spears’ Fans Are Convinced the Grainy Beach Video She Posted Isn’t Actually of Her: ‘This Is Not Britney’

While Britney Spears was famous for her pop tours and amazing dance moves, fans are now worried. The star is under legal protection granted back in 2008, and she still posts about videos to Instagram in which everyone talks. While the videos usually show Spears talking to the camera at her home, she posted one clip of her at the beach doing some yoga – but fans are convinced it’s not her. .

Britney Spears has posted several scary videos to her Instagram

Spears posts plenty to her social media, but is very concerned about her fan base. The star often posts pictures and videos of herself in her home either talking to the camera or dancing. And she often wears the same shirts.

Fans have noticed that there seems to be something wrong with the film, though. Part post show the same picture of Spears over and over again. And others think she’s not feeling the same as she used to. All in all, everyone thinks it has something to do with the conservatism that was given ten years ago that put her father above her wealth and wealth. He also put him in charge of her medical care.

Attorney Andrew Wallet who was once part of her custody believes he is now doing more harm than good to Spears as well. “Substantial damage, unsustainable damage and immediate danger to the custodian and her estate will follow unless the relief sought here is provided on an ex parte basis,” he said. The Independent.

Fans are convinced it’s not Spears ’video about her at the beach

There are plenty of theories as to why Spears works the way she does in her Instagram videos. But fans are also convinced that some of her film is not shown from a distance.

On October 16, Spears was posted video that shows she did some yoga on the beach. “It took me two hours to film because I went to three different places to find the best light… but unfortunately it was a gray and foggy day… which is why it looks like this !!! ”She headed the post. “I got home and I was like CRAP !!!! … And… that ME stands for hours in the water just watching. ”

“This isn’t even Britney,” said one fan of the post.

“Not Britney, convinced,” wrote another.

“I’ve actually used a camera since 2001 so we can’t tell who it is,” said another.

Not only that, but Spears posted another post picture on the beach with her boyfriend on October 14, but her face is hidden. Fans thought Spears was not in the picture either.

The #FreeBritney movement is gaining momentum

Britney Spears was honored with the 2017 RDMA ‘Image’ Award
Britney Spears was honored with an RDMA ‘Image’ Award | LA / Disney Channel Image Group via Getty Images

The more annoying Instagram posts are, Spears is adding to social media, the more fans are asking what’s going on. Anyway, the #FreeBritney movement is gaining traction, as Spears ’father has noted. Fans have been told that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to his daughter.

“Not all of these conspiracy theories are known,” Jamie Spears said Page six. “The world has no light. It is up to the California court to decide what is best for my daughter. It’s nobody else’s business. ” He then said that he loves his children, and that their business is private in terms of what is going on.

Even some celebrities are worried about Spears. Cher tweeted, “She’s sick, now she’s the CASH COW. Does anyone who makes money off of it get sick, want it well !? ” back in August.

Hopefully Spears is really safe and happy. As for the beach photos, fans seem to continue to profit.

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