Brie Larson Revealed She ‘Struggled With Feeling Ugly and Like an Outcast’

Brie Larson she has cool confidence on screen and away, but the actress admits she struggled with her fair share of uncertainty in the past. In a new interview, she talks about the impractical beauty standards that women feel they need to meet and how she felt “like an outcast” in the past.

Brie Larson will be attending the 2019 LACMA 2019 Art + Film Gala
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Brie Larson admitted she felt insecure in the past

In an interview with W. magazine, Larson was asked what she would say to women who feel unable to keep up with impractical beauty standards or who feel underrepresented. The actor said, “I don’t believe there is a standard of beauty,” he said, “It was hard for me to feel ugly and a spy for so much of my life.”

She continued, “And so I really feel for that. It took me a long time to become completely comfortable on my own. “

Larson explained how she can be “whoever I want to be alone,” something she said gives her “solace”.

“What breaks my heart is thinking of people in the world who do not feel safe within their own bodies,” she continued. “That, for me, is the biggest goal of my life: to do whatever I can so that people have the freedom to express themselves and be just who they are. they want to be – whatever that is – knowing that that too can change. ”

Larson shared some of her previous problems

To mark her 31st birthday, Larson posted a YouTube video where she thought about the past. “One of the pieces that I think about getting older for me has been about being like me the way I am and that’s something inside and something outside. ”

She explained how, growing up, she wanted better and thicker hair after “seeing girls who were very beautiful, they could comb their hair beautifully… and not that’s me. My hair looked very scraggly. ”

Larson said, “I think growing up in a business that is just, I don’t know, I think sometimes it’s just filled with images of people who are just rare exceptions. of human appearance. And I’m caught up in it too. “

“I believe at a certain point, I had to give up everything … it’s like a bunch of several carpet pictures where I don’t have makeup, my hair is wet, I got out of the shower and it was a way to rebel against all that, ”she said. “Just not like that.”

Larson gained confidence coming with experience

Larson explored the idea of ​​time and experience and certainly came up with it herself. “Then I started to feel like, once I was comfortable in my skin… then I felt like I could study hair and makeup in a way that I could not before,” she explained.

The actor said that during the Captain Marvel news round, she felt like she was “so much stepping into her look, that I could enjoy hair and makeup. I was able to enjoy the process of being a character and standing on a red carpet and feeling good and confident and not that I was a cheater. ”

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