Bow Wow Performs at Packed Concert Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Twitter Reacts

Live concert events have largely closed in the United States since the Coronavirus epidemic hit the country in March 2020, but musician Bow Wow performed a concert on Jan. 15 in Houston during a health crisis. country to a full audience. People took to Twitter to share a video of Bow Wow on stage with many fans in the audience going in masks and standing close to each other.

Read on to see what people had to say about the performance of Bow Wow during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Bow Wow
Wow Bow Erika Goldring / Getty Images

What the CDC has said about live events in person

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a page on their website in terms of events during the COVID-19 crisis and how people should manage collections. The CDC says the larger the assemblage with less than six feet apart between people, the greater the risk. The CDC recommends that people stay at home and wear masks to help prevent the virus.

What was a Bow Wow concert like?

The video taken at Bow Wow’s Jan concert. 15 in Houston showing a large crowd of people close together, mostly without masks, watching Bow Wow play on stage. Audience members sang and danced close to each other during the performance. Bow Wow himself also did not wear a mask in the video.

While people are definitely becoming restless from quarantine for almost a year as a result of the pandemic, people on Twitter criticized those who did not follow the CDC’s instructions in the video to above.

What people said on Twitter about the collection

Twitter users pointed out the dangers of gathering for a concert during the deadly Coronavirus revolution, which has killed more than 23 million cases and killed nearly 400,000 people in the country, each CDC.

Actor Zach Braff joined in the video of the concert. “I thought about it and decided I wasn’t willing to die for Bow Wow,” he said, mocking the situation.

Others talked about the video going around Twitter. Writer Kirk A. Moore He wrote: “Imagine you were dying or killing someone else because you went to watch Bow Wow at the club in 2021. I hate this y’all. ”

The writer follow up in another tweet: “These people went to the club in a plague without a mask on to see Bow Wow perform in 2021.”

“I can think of a million better ways to die,” said one person Twitter. “But struggling to vent [because] you went to watch Bow Wow in the year of our lord 2021… that’s not it. ”

Another user commented that these large public gatherings will only bring the pandemic. “Going to watch Bow Wow in a pandemic, we’ve been involved here for a long time, ”the man said said.

Bow Wow himself has yet to comment or respond to the critics cast because of his concert, but he posted on Instagram Stories showing the audience at his performance . The only thing the rapper said publicly after his show was that it was spreading a lot of people.

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