‘Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm’ Movie Review: Sacha Baron Cohen Borats Harder

In 2008, Sacha Baron Cohen dropped Borat ‘s character because he was too used to catching people from guard anymore. It only took 12 years for Cohen to be able to play Borat again. Borat: Filmiefilm after that it may not be as innovative as the first Borat film, but it ‘s a fun way to transform the character into a new generation.

Sacha Baron Cohen IS Borat again

Often when actors make sequences long after the original version, they even forget who the characters were. That was a big problem with him Dumb and dumb To, comes 20 years after the first. Cohen has not forgotten who Borat is. He has the same racist, sexual, anti-Semitic views with that pleasant tinge of innocent ignorance.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat
Sacha Baron Cohen Amazon Studios

Cohen’s Who is America it may have caused more damage to the building than Borat: Filmiefilm after that please. We’ll see if this movie shoots anyone, but no one reveals themselves but Cohen. Anyway, the way Cohen is trying to shoot people now is just to encourage them to vote, and that is the final message of the skin.

Borat: Filmiefilm after that a fun reunion with a loving character. The beats are more likely and missed and your thousands may be different, but that’s always the case and it’s a great treat.

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