‘Borat’ Had the FBI and Police Following Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen has returned with just what we needed at quarantine time: another film in which he plays his classic character Borat. Cohen’s return to the character represents a reminder of how effective Borat’s first film was. Not only was it hilarious to fall, but it also cheated a lot of people who appeared in the movie. Cohen’s clothing and delivery were so effective that he put out some very powerful ones. Let’s take a look back at who Cohen was following during the filming of Borat’s first film.

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Sacha Baron Cohen at premiere.
Sacha Baron Cohen Images of Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

According to his Bio IMDB, Cohen first became famous in the US for his character Ali G who appears on the HBO program Da Ali G. Exhibition. That caused a movie (Ali G Indahouse) and more mainstream work in Hollywood.

In 2006, he was in the racing comedy Talladega Night: Ricky Bobby Ballad as the antagonist to the titular character of Will Ferrell. Later is the same year when he was actually breaking through, though.

He went inside Borat: American Cultural Studies to benefit Kazakhstan’s glorious nation (better known colloquially as Borat).

Cohen was not done, however. Along with adding a litany of co-star posts to his resume (in movies like Sweeney Todd, Hugo, and Les Misérables), he was also the leader of several other entrants Bruno, The dictator, and The Grimsby Brothers.

The ‘Borat’ wonder

Cohen has become an international superstition, but it was his journey as Borat that really caught him into the stratosphere. The film filled the Cohen Award with its Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for best screenshot. The film had a moderate impact on comedy, too: progenitors like Eric Andre show they seemed to combine comedy, reality, and awkwardness into humorous results.

Not everyone was a big fan of Cohen’s act, however. according to CNN, many Kazakhstan residents felt that his portrayal of someone from their country was racist.

While Cohen provided many perspectives on racism and ignorance in America, the fact of the matter is that he painted a buffoonish picture of an Eastern European character that did not sit well with some.

The inhabitants of Kazakhstan were not his only conquerors. There was another group that didn’t care about the comedian’s shtick: law enforcement.

Why the FBI and police followed Sacha Baron Cohen

Throughout his career, Cohen has earned a reputation for his gonzo-style interviews. After Borat was such a big hit, it became much harder for Cohen to take off his ambush interview style.

In an interview with NPR, Cohen spoke about how the FBI and police started following him during filming:

There was a time, you know, I got to know the police turning up. You know, by Borat, I think they arrived about 45 hours. At times it was the police, then the FBI followed us for a while. They had so many complaints that a man from the Middle East… was driving through America in an ice cream van, that the FBI assigned us a team.

And so we had the FBI and then we had the Secret Service. But there were so many of these situations, and with it Bruno moreover, for a while it would take about six months later not to fully try out when I saw a policeman.

That’s what makes Cohen’s current run so impressive. Despite earning a great reputation from his character, he is still able to go wrong and get honest answers, just from some of the people he talks to. That, along with the risks it takes in doing this, is part of what makes it a consummate entertainment and a provost.

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